Thursday, April 1, 2010

That's not my name

Because I'm not feeling well today (toe bump removal was today, gag, more to come on that later), I thought I'd post an oldie but goody.

One day Binderclips was watching Palladia (a HD TV station that shows concerts and such) and they were showing the Ting Tings playing in the Isle of Wight Festival. The Ting Tings are a band that play 2 songs that I like: (1) Shut Up & Let me Go and (2) That's Not My Name.

Well, I was in the back of the apartment and went out to the living room where he was watching this. When I noticed the Ting Tings were playing this is what ensued:

Me: "Have they played Say My Name yet?" (mistakenly calling it by the wrong name - a Destiny's Child song name).
Him: "No, why?!?!" very defiantly (thinking I just told him to say my name)
Me: Just as he responds I correct myself and say "I mean That's Not My Name"
Him: He looks at me more confused than ever and says "I know what your name is!"

Yes- this really happened, seriously I can't make this $hit up. Needless to say, there is a lot of confusion in our household because of situations like this. However, as one of my good friends likes to remind me "Confusion is a sign of growth", so we must be growing all the time! ;)

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