Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slip N' Slide (But Not the Fun Kind)

This is a picture of me at 7 months pregnant (yep I am now the proud owner of a very obvious baby bump). I'm with my brother and his girlfriend (who have helped us tremendously with everything - thanks again guys!!!).

We all remember Slip n' Slides, right? Weren't they fun? I remember as a kid I would get really excited about being able to go on one. The wet plastic-y surface was something that my brother and I could not resist. We'd be soo excited to jump on the long plastic surface being doused with water and slide down it at full speed (even though it was likely one or both of us would end up hurt in some way or another).

I also remember being at a fraternity party a long time ago and them having one there. I didn't go on it. To me, it seemed like a bad idea (I mean like a really bad idea, like deciding to try to body surf on the top of a car moving at 100+ miles per hour) to combine alcohol consumption with Slip N' Slide usage (honestly, there should probably be a law against it, talk about dangerous).

Anyways, what I have to share with you today does have to do with slipping and sliding, but believe me it does not involve an actual Slip N' Slide (Binderclips won't even let me get gas on my own at this point in time, so you can imagine how he would feel about me wanting to go on a Slip N' Slide).

Our baby shower was scheduled to be on 7/30 in Michigan, however we arrived in Michigan on 7/28 and planned on working from my In-Laws' home on 7/29. The morning of 7/29 things were going somewhat as planned (we didn't have internet access, which we both needed to do our jobs, but Binderclips was working on it). I got us some breakfast and took Binderclips his up the stairs to where he was working to make sure he ate something (a hungry hubs = a grumpy hubs and a grumpy hubs is not my favorite kind). I had put on my running socks since I find them to be super comfy (they're as comfy as slippers honestly) to walk around in.

Anyways, as I descended down the stairs with Binderclips' bowl in my right hand the stairs became my own personal Slip N' Slide. The combination of my running socks and the carpet (well and probably my changed center of gravity due to being pregnant) resulted in me slipping down the last 3 stairs. I landed on my butt, but I landed hard people. So hard, that as soon as I landed I felt major cramping in my abdomen start to happen immediately.

I sat there for a minute just holding my abdomen like my insides might spill out if I didn't, then Binderclips yelled down to me "Are you ok? What happened down there?" "I slipped down some stairs, but I think I'm ok. Just sitting here resting for a minute" I responded. "How many stairs?! OMG!" he said, following it up with "It sounded like a hard fall from up here".

As I sat there I kept telling myself the cramping 'will go away if I just sit here for a little bit', but it didn't. I got up and the cramping remained. It was then I decided to call my doctor back in Wisconsin. They told me to go to the nearest emergency room (ER) immediately. I began to cry. Hubs was already stressed out enough about us not having internet connectivity and now I needed to go to the ER to have them do some fetal monitoring to make sure nothing happened to the baby. This wasn't going to be good.

It was at this point he came in to the room I was in and saw me crying. Worried he asked "What did they say?" When I told him we needed to go to the ER there was no hesitation in his voice as he said "Let's go now."

Soon after we were on our way to the ER. On the way there we talked about how we were sure it would be fine, that once on the monitor we'd see the baby's heart beat and they'd discharge us soon after. I wish it would have happened that way, but it didn't. To be continued....