Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween What?

Hello out there in blog world! So, what's going on with you guys? It seems like I'm forgetting something....oh that's right! I almost forgot that Halloween is just around the corner. Geesh! Thank goodness I have an idea for coming up with a costume in a pinch. You must hear about it! 

First, a reminder that, I can be pretty... but, only when I want to be (well, when I'm having a good hair day - naturally curly hair makes for lots of bad hair days, by pure luck my hair looks ok today). Ok, so I was saying...

Mmmmmm, look a chocolate muffin!

What's this? Oh a chocolate chip*! Hey, I have an idea...

...if I put it on my tooth like so, maybe it will look like....
...I have a missing tooth.** HA! Success! And I'm soo scary that Turner can't bare to look at me anymore. Hmmmm, what else could I add to this to make it a full costume?

How about a scarf from the closet, an eye patch (doesn't everyone have an extra eyepatch laying around??), and a hook made out of foil?? Now all I need is pirate talk!
Only a nancy-pants can be keelhaulin' on the treasure chest.
 I shall hornswaggle that reef monkey with my anchor. By the foul bowels of Davy Jones! Arrrrrrggggghhhh!***

 In addition, all I have to do is put on the a white button up shirt (I'm thinking tuxedo style) and some tight, black capri pants, funky tights, well and some jewelry and WALA!! Now, if you find yourself in a pinch you can come up with a costume and everyone loves pirate costumes (and if they don't, they should)!! (Plus, you have an excuse to talk like a pirate the entire night!)

Happy Halloweening everyone!!

Some Halloween Facts:
-Ancient Celts thought that ghosts/spirits wandered the streets on Hallows Eve, because they didn't want to get recognized as human by them, they would wear masks/costumes.
-Halloween is the second most commercially successful holiday, Christmas is the first.

*Any dark foods can be used, i.e. fudge, chocolate cake, etc. They also sell black wax just for this purpose, however I find that food is much more fun - and tasty!

**For Binderclips' sake I feel it should be noted that he hates this post, specifically the pictures of me with the chocolate chip on my tooth. He told me "you're pretty and I don't like seeing pictures of you like that" - which, is actually kind of sweet. That's why I posted a picture of me beforehand - for his sake, just an FYI.

***The pirate quotes above are randomly generated from this site, which I linked to in another post referring to gangsta talk. Check it out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Vegas Baby!! (Grand Canyon)

Hello Everyone! Binderclips had a conference to attend in Las Vegas last Monday through Wednesday - so, we decided to fly out the Friday prior to that and do some sight seeing over the weekend. You may not know this (or you may) but I work from home, so I just worked from the hotel room while he was at the conference during the week.

Anyways, here's a picture of the room we stayed in. Pretty nice, huh? We ended up staying at the Wynn, an upscale Hotel/Casino there. The 3rd picture is of our view out the window. Not too shabby if you ask me!

If you're going to Vegas, I'd recommend staying at the Wynn if you can get a good price on the room (read: NOT $220, which is what the room usually goes for, believe me, we didn't pay that and his employer paid for Sunday through Tuesday night). You can get cheaper rooms at other Hotel/Casinos, like the Luxor (where we stayed last time we went), however the bed was not nearly as comfortable as the bed at the Wynn.

This was the food bar in our room. Doesn't it look nice? All the stuff a person might crave at some point. Want something salty? How about some chips or popcorn? Got a sweet tooth? How about some jelly beans, chocolate, or cookies? Or are you thirsty? The water from the Fiji Islands awaits you...wait, what is this sign they have posted on this stuff? Let me take a closer look.

HOLY CARP!! I'M SO GLAD I DIDN'T PICK ANYTHING UP!!!!! The food bar had a timer on it that - if you removed something for more than 60 SECONDS they charged you for it!! 

"Feel free to read the ingredients or count calories. If you decide to indulge...and we hope you do..." Yeah right, it's more like "if you decide to pick anything up and NOT EAT it, we hope you're slow or drunk and it takes you longer than 60 seconds to return the item, so that we can charge you for NOT EATING it." 

I considered buying some of that CAUTION tape and putting it across the top of the stuff (in the style of a giant "X") - but decided against it. Instead Binderclips and I stayed away from it all together. All I could imagine is me deciding to look at the calories on something, Binderclips walking into the room, seeing what I was doing, yelling at me to hurry up and put the item back, and me throwing it in the air across the room due to him startling me. In this scenario we both scramble to find the item (who knows where it would end up, under the bed, perhaps?), then find it and return it exactly 61 seconds later. Seriously, with all the alcohol that is flowing in this city, someone is bound to fall for that one - but not us, thank goodness!

On Saturday morning we signed up a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. On the way we passed over the Hoover Dam (see first picture below). We travelled by bus to do a tour of the Hoover Dam on Sunday morning, I will post those pictures soon.

The rest are pictures of the Grand Canyon as we flew over it as well as Lake Mead (the largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere formed after the creation of the Hoover Dam) and the Colorado River. It was a little dusty that day, so the colors aren't as vibrant as we would have hoped for, just a FYI. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Pictures from our Hoover Dam tour (we actually went inside it and saw the Power Plant) to follow.

Later gators!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Conversations with Binderclips

The cutest dogs EVER ;)

From top to bottom: 1) Turner aka "Bubs" and 2) Callie aka "Cals"

As you all know, Binderclips and I are not the best at communicating, especially with each other. Here's a perfect example of how most of our conversations go:

We're at the gym, both on treadmills right next to each other watching TV. CNN is on and a clip about Apolo Ohno (the speed skater) is being shown. I say "Hey isn't that Ohno?".

Binderclips: As to confirm he says "Ohno"

Hulabuns: I think 'Hehehehe! He fell into my trap' laugh my best villan laugh inside my head then say "Oh yes it is!" then start laughing hysterically

Binderclips: Really? So, we're doing that today are we?

Hulabuns: "I don't know what you're talking about" I say - still laughing

A couple of minutes pass...

Binderclips: Hey, I really like those shorts on you. They really compliment your feet.

Hulabuns: "My feet?" I say then look at my feet to make sure I don't have toilet paper stuck on my shoe or something. I don't.

Binderclips: Yeah, your feet.

Hulabuns: "My feet?! How do shorts compliment feet?" I say all confused-like

Binderclips: Well, they compliment the appendages attached to your feet.

Hulabuns: I just stare at him, unimpressed

Binderclips: "I think we should throw your other shorts away" he says, referring to a pair of running shorts I've had longer than I've known him. The elastic has actually broke on the waistband and I have to fold the top down so that they stay up.

Hulabuns: "Not a chance, Bucko" I say then follow it up with "If you throw them away without my knowledge like you did my ladle, we are going to seriously throw down."

Binderclips: mumble, mumble, mumble "Turner", mumble

Hulabuns: What?

Binderclips: I said I'm going to give your shorts to Turner.... mumble, Ore Ida, mumble

Hulabuns: Ore Ida?? What on Earth are you talking about? Ore Ida hashbrowns?

Binderclips: I said I'm going to give your shorts to Turner, so that he can hide them.

This is my life folks! Binderclips and I live in a constant state of confusion with each other and we wouldn't have it any other way. I plan to post pictures from our trip to Vegas in  my next post - so look for them (can anyone say Grand Canyon?). I hope you're having a good weekend.

Later Gators! Oh and GO STATE!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grrrrrrratitude - Blog Giveaway

I've been out of town since Friday and am having blog withdrawls - AHHHHHH! I needed a quick fix, so here I go. The good news is I have some hilarious pictures to share with you all (I mean hill-air-E-ous) from my trip. The bad news is I'm not home yet, so you'll have to wait for them.
Anyways, remember Tony the Tiger and how he used to say "They're Grrreat!" about Frosted Flakes? Well, I think you guys (insert me pointing and winking repeatedly at you here) are grrreat! And I feel overwhelmed with grrrratitude for you guys. I have been thinking about how to thank you and this is what I've come up with:
I'm going to paint a picture, similar to the picture below and send it to one of you in my very first Blog Giveaway! YAY - exciting, right?

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Giveaway Rules

The below giveaway entry option is how to enter the giveaway and to help increase your chances of winning.

1. Leave a comment on this blog telling me what Binderclips and HulaBuns Chronicles post is your favorite. Please make sure to leave your email address so that I can contact you in the event you win. The more comments you leave the better the chances you have of winning. I'm just sayin...

I will leave you with this as a parting gift:

What do you call the body's natural response to bad Mexican food?

wait for it........


Man, cracking myself shouldn't be so easy. Any who, good luck in the giveaway!

Later Gators!

Important Notes – Please Read
All winners will be chosen via Winners will be chosen within one week of the giveaway closing and will be posted once the prize is claimed by the chosen winner. If the person chosen does not respond to contact within 72 hours a new winner will be chosen.

This blog will make every effort to deliver prizes or have prizes delivered to the winner. However in the unlikely scenario that the prize doesn't make it to the intended recipient; this blog and its author are not responsible for giveaway prizes that are lost in transit or damaged.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Anniversary (Stuff I Do for Love)

Happy Anniversary to us!! Yesterday was our anniversary and what did we do, you ask? Well after working the entire day, I worked my butt off (not literally, I wish though - I could stand to lose a couple of pounds) to make us a nice dinner. I made us a leg of lamb, some baked/seasoned sweet potatoes, a salad, and some yummy dessert. 

For the dessert I made some milk chocolate (milk chocolate = not my favorite, I dislike milk chocolate and am a much bigger fan of dark chocolate but apparently the store was out of it) covered strawberries and what I'm calling MF Smores. It's not what you're thinking though, the "MF" doesn't stand for that, it stands for "Mini Fancy" Smores. Although, they ARE that good (to have a "rapper" type name) - since they are so IN YOUR FACE with their deliciousness. (Just so you know, I'm now imagining one of the MF Smores with a mini gold chain on saying "I don't care about no stinky chickenhead. Just give me my monkey!*" or "My nizzle, why she always droppin' bombs crazy like that?*" waving a mini gun all around and throwing up gang signs.) 

Bascially, all I did for the MF Smores is put 3 mini marshmallows on a skewer, dip them in chocolate, then set them on mini graham crackers to dry. Once done, they could be picked up by the skewer to eat!

Don't they look super duper delicious? I made more than what you see above, believe me. I just didn't want us to eat them all, so I put them away so we can enjoy them later. YAY for chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast today! 

Also, I decided to share some more of our wedding pictures with you. Some are pictures I really like, while others show just a small portion of the things I made (with my bare hands) for the occasion. Just thought I'd share a bit of my creative side with you all.

First, let me say we were married in Michigan and it was unseasonably warm, I mean like 70 degrees, that day. So nice, in fact, that we took a lot of pictures outside. Here's one that I really like:

The below pictures show some of the stuff I made for our wedding (I made almost everything that I could). My bridal bouquet in the picture below was one of the items I made.  I decided to use silk flowers for the making of all of the bouquets and boutonnieres since we lived in a different state than where we were getting married (it made things A LOT easier on me stress-wise).  

I love this picture of us in front of the Beaumont Tower on campus:

I didn't make this but wanted to show what we gave away as a gift to guests. Every guest received a mini lantern as seen below:

I did make our cake toppers also - they were our initials. Funny story there though, I made them out of clay. However, accidentally bought glow-in-the-dark clay and didn't realize it until after I made them. How did I learn they were made out of glow-in-the-dark clay? Well, the day after I made them I went out into our dining room to find them glowing in the dark. LOL

The rest of the pictures are of things I made. Below are the bridal bouquets:

These were our Father's boutonnieres: 

This was Binderclips' boutonniere:

This is the flower girl's basket (with the leaves she threw out during the ceremony) and the card box: 

You like?

Anyways, Happy Anniversary to us! I hope you all have a great day today.

* I found these gangsta quotes on this site. It randomly generates gangsta quotes, just FYI. Need a random gangsta quote? That's the place to go! ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello Everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend!

I took this picture while visiting Venice Beach. Sadly, no one was working out at the time. :(

I kind of had a busy weekend. I watched some football, cut Binderclips' hair, made a buffalo roast and some hummus (not to have together), picked up some goods from a local Farmer's Market, went and saw The Social Network (ate a buttload of popcorn), and went to the gym (to work off the buttload of popcorn).

The most important development over the weekend was that MI State won against their rival University of MI. The final score was 34 -17!! Just so you know, for that game - these rules go out the window for both Binderclips and I. GO STATE!!

Anyways, where was I going with all of this?

Oh yeah, the gym. While there I always either run into someone strange (Not literally, folks. I'm not that clumsy. Ok, so maybe I am) or have something strange happen to me (like the time I went and it was everyone's birthday including mine).

So, some of my favorites include:

  1. The time I ran on the treadmill so long it actually turned off on me. Apparently it was done with the workout before I was. It was as if it was saying "Ok, lady you win. I'm done" to me.
  2. The time I thought I was getting attacked by the "punch thrower" on the treadmill next to me. I wasn't. He was just doing some karate (pronounced: "kaa-raaa-tay" by me) while on the treadmill. Which, seems completely safe and rational. *rolling eyes*
  3. The time I thought a lady on the treadmill next to me was praying while running, however, after turning my iPod down, realized she was just singing I'm in Love With a Stripper OUT LOUD.
  4. The time I almost got in a fight with a lady because I thought she was stealing my pants. She wasn't. They were her pants and not mine (after further review). Plus, she had a badge-thingy, which, after sneaking a peek, I realized she was a chief of police (note to self: Don't mess with that lady EVER).
  5. The time when my iPod fell out of it's case, landed on the running treadmill, then shot off of the back of it like a missile almost killing someone. 
  6. The time that guy hit on Binderclips. That's what he gets for not wearing his wedding ring to the gym. Hehehehhe
  7. When I met Binderclips (we met at the gym) and he introduced himself and his friend to me. Upon leaving I said "See you later, Ted!" to his friend. *Ted wasn't his name. I found this out later. 
  8. The time I forgot to bring my gym shorts and ended up working out in the skirt that I wore to work. Ok, so this didn't happen - but I would not put it past me.
I'm sure you get the idea and I'm sure I'll think of more after I post this. Any who, got any stories to share like this? I would love to hear them, it would make me feel as if I'm not the only one who attracts weirdos.

Later Gators!

*Thank goodness it wasn't his name - the name "Ted" always made me think of one of my old neighbors who's nickname was "Ted, Ted $hit on my head". Don't ask.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Conversations with a Llama

This is me and my llama friend "Larry". Don't we look good? Actually, I think that Larry the Llama was having a better hair day than I was - now that I'm looking at the pictures. Grrrrrrr

After hanging out for a bit, just looking cool (as evidenced by the picture above). It was at this point that Larry the Llama decided to tell me a secret.

HulaBuns: What? What's that you say Larry the Llama?

Larry the Llama: "I'm so glad you are not wearing a wool sweater" he says in a French accent. But it sounds like "Imsoovladyoooarrrvnotvwearingavwoolsveatair."

HulaBuns: *blushing* (It's hard not to blush when you are being spoken to in a French accent) "Oh, Llama. I would never wear wool in front of you." Put off by the French accent I ask "Are you from France?"

Larry the Llama: "You look fabulous. Has anyone told you that today?" he says, again in French accent, eyeing Binderclips as if he's done something wrong. Then responds with "But of course I am from France. Well, the Canadian France. So Canada actually." But is sounds like "ButfcourseImfrooomfrancious. WellvecanAdiennefrancious. SocanAdianneaktoooalleeee."

HulaBuns: "Oh, you silly Llama"  I say again, blushing.

Larry the Llama: "May I lick your face?" he says but it sounds like "MayIvleeekurrrfaaaas?"

HulaBuns: Ummm. No. And I'm watching you Larry the Llama, so don't even try it. And just so you know we don't do that kind of thing in these parts. Face licking is only preferred by a select few and I am not one of those who likes that sort of thing. Unless, I have sugar on my face, but that's a whole nother story.

Unfortunately, for Larry the Llama, I had to leave shortly after. However, I couldn't resist sharing the pictures and story (ummm, of course I didn't make any of it up) with you all. I hope you like it!

Have a great day everyone! Later gators!

Some llama facts: Llamas are the one of the oldest domesticated animals of the world. They have deer-like poop and usually have a communal area where the herd poops. Removal of wool is not harmful to the llamas if done properly.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogger Epidemic

This is a picture of the Smoky Mountains that I took a couple years ago in the Fall. Beautiful colors, right?
Today's post is to warn everyone about a very serious epidemic that's effecting bloggers everywhere. As a blogger, myself, I have to say, I am very, very upset that this epidemic hit us without any warning what-so-ever.

In a bizarre turn of events, lately many bloggers have been experiencing major issues when coming up with new post .....

*BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, donkey-like "Heehaw" noise, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*
We would like to interrupt this blog post for a very important announcement from the Blogger Broadcasting System (BBS). Bloggers everywhere are experiencing what has been identified as Content Fatigue. Content Fatigue is a very serious problem within the blog world. It happens sporadically and without warning to all bloggers at some point. It significantly impacts a blogger's ability to come up with content for blogs. The list of symptoms is vast, therefore all that can be said is - when it hits you - YOU WILL KNOW. While there is no known cure for Content Fatigue - don't be discouraged, the fatigue usually goes away and your content should go back to normal without impact to future blogs. However, it should be noted that Content Fatigue has been known to come and go at will. Please be aware that even though it may have hit you already, it CAN and most likely, WILL hit again. This has been an announcement from the Blogger Broadcasting System. You will now be returned to blogging.
*BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, donkey-like "Heehaw" noise, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*

Well, that was kind of rude! And too little, too late BBS! Also, what was up with the weird "heehaw" noise? It must be specific to BBS warnings.... Anyways, as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, this epidemic is spreading quickly. So, I guess I don't have to tell you about it, but now you know (and we all know that knowing is half the battle per GI Joe). 

Good luck everyone, hopefully the Content Fatigue epidemic has not hit you yet. But if it does, know that we all have experienced it at some point. You are not alone.

On a side note: Did you guys know that one of the most important people EVER was born on this day? No?

My Mom was born on October 6th, and she, is of course, one of the most important people EVER to ME (I guess I kind of left that detail out of the question above. Ooops. My bad). Happy Birthday Mom! In honor of you I'm going to "get on the stick" - which, to my Mom means to "get to work" (yeah, so not what you were thinking - pervs). ;)

Later gators!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

RRRR- Can - Saw = How "Arkansas" is pronounced, no? (ok, maybe just "R-Can-Saw", I missed "Talk Like a Pirate" day this year [it's on September 19th every year, just so you know], so I've been trying to make up for it ever since. So SUE me, ok?)

If yes, then "Kansas" should be pronounced Can -saw, right? I'm glad you see it my way. I will expect it to be pronounced as such from here on out.


Are you aware that the lower peninsula of Michigan looks like a mitten? And that if you're from that part of MI you usually show others where you're from by showing them the location on it?

This is where I spent a lot of my time while there (well, in that general area at least):

On that note, why does my hand look so weird? Why, has no one EVER mentioned how freakish my hands are before?!? Great, now I have to come to grips with having weird hands. ;)


Yesterday, Binderclips scared me as I was coming out of the bathroom. He waited patiently outside the door until I walked out it then jumped out and yelled "BOOOOO!" at me. At first I made a "Huuuuuuh" noise (think reverse sigh), then after a couple of seconds (well after his initial "BOOO!") I screamed. I feel as though I should have had a flag thrown (think football, American football penalties) on me for Delay of Game. Do you think I've been watching too much College football? Nahhh. GO MI STATE!! Woot Woot!! Ok, so clearly I have - but wouldn't it be good for us all to carry around flags and call penalties on people when we deem it necessary? 

For example, someone flips you off while driving - you throw a flag and call Unsportstman-like conduct on them.

A guy hits on a girl, then realizes she's married. She throws a flag and calls Ineligible Receiver Down-field - since she's taken and he should not be hitting on her.

You're taking a class and the teacher fails you on the final, which results in you failing the class. You throw a flag and call Pass Interference.

While I do understand that calling penalties on people would result in no punishment for them at all - at least you would get a good laugh out of it, right?

Later gators!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Responsible Party of 1

This is the gym in which I taught many aerobics classes and where I offended the entire class one day. YAY me! ;)

There are times in your life when you just have to ask yourself some serious questions, folks. Well, and today is one of those days for me. In thinking about responsibility, specifically personal responsibility, I started to ask these questions to myself:

  1. Who once offended an entire aerobics class with just one sentence? 
  2. Who once lost her favorite underwear at the doctors without even almost realizing it?
  3. Who almost bit Binderclips ear off while sleeping?
  4. Who once accidentally posted her age as 300 years older than she actually is?
  5. Who makes up songs with titles like "Poop Eater"?

Sadly, the answer to all of these questions is Me. Ok, ok, so I'm not really sad about it at all. Actually, all of these things that I have done are really funny to me. Is there something wrong with me you ask? Ab-so-freak-in-loot-ly.

I'm no longer a victim but an active participant in my own life.

Instead of thinking 'Well if I hadn't been so distracted by the microphone headset thingy (I use such technical terms only for you folks) I had to wear while teaching aerobics (that could be heard OUTSIDE of the building as well as inside). And saying "At the end of this workout you should look like me" meaning sweaty not physically, thereby offending the entire class in one instant'. And at first thinking they were all jerks for getting mad at me (since all I wanted was for them to have a good workout). I now think that the pointing at myself (actually I was pointing to my armpits to indicate just how sweaty I was, since I had just got done teaching another aerobics class) and saying "At the end of this workout you should look like me" could be a tad misleading.

Also, I may have thought 'not sure why that lady is picking up my underwear with paper towel off the floor, it's not like I have a disease or something' upon seeing my favorite (actually they were more of Binderclips' favorite than mine) pair of undies on the ground at the doctor's office. Instead I thought 'How in the hell did I manage that one?' upon seeing them laid neatly out on the floor of the waiting room. If you want to find out how I did manage that one, read this.

Yet another example is when I woke up from a terrifying dream in which I was competing with the Snaz fish to find Binderclips staring at me with a terrified look on his face. Instead of thinking 'what on earth is wrong with him' (actually I did think this at first) and after learning the reasoning behind why he looked so terrified (I MAY have been squirming all around and chomping at his ear) I thought 'This poor sap, he had no clue that I'd turn out to be like this' instead.

Anyways, you get the idea. Basically, I do stupid stuff all of the time and I'll be honest, for a while there I kind of felt like a victim of crazy happenings. That is, until I realized that NONE of these things would have happened had I not been there fully participating in each and every embarrassing instant. Moral of the story is, if you find yourself thinking 'how do these things always happen to me?' then I think you need to re-evaluate how your actions could have contributed to the situation. It's called cause and effect folks and I'm a master of it.

Any who, have a great Friday everyone!

Later gators!