Monday, October 11, 2010


Hello Everyone!! I hope you had a great weekend!

I took this picture while visiting Venice Beach. Sadly, no one was working out at the time. :(

I kind of had a busy weekend. I watched some football, cut Binderclips' hair, made a buffalo roast and some hummus (not to have together), picked up some goods from a local Farmer's Market, went and saw The Social Network (ate a buttload of popcorn), and went to the gym (to work off the buttload of popcorn).

The most important development over the weekend was that MI State won against their rival University of MI. The final score was 34 -17!! Just so you know, for that game - these rules go out the window for both Binderclips and I. GO STATE!!

Anyways, where was I going with all of this?

Oh yeah, the gym. While there I always either run into someone strange (Not literally, folks. I'm not that clumsy. Ok, so maybe I am) or have something strange happen to me (like the time I went and it was everyone's birthday including mine).

So, some of my favorites include:

  1. The time I ran on the treadmill so long it actually turned off on me. Apparently it was done with the workout before I was. It was as if it was saying "Ok, lady you win. I'm done" to me.
  2. The time I thought I was getting attacked by the "punch thrower" on the treadmill next to me. I wasn't. He was just doing some karate (pronounced: "kaa-raaa-tay" by me) while on the treadmill. Which, seems completely safe and rational. *rolling eyes*
  3. The time I thought a lady on the treadmill next to me was praying while running, however, after turning my iPod down, realized she was just singing I'm in Love With a Stripper OUT LOUD.
  4. The time I almost got in a fight with a lady because I thought she was stealing my pants. She wasn't. They were her pants and not mine (after further review). Plus, she had a badge-thingy, which, after sneaking a peek, I realized she was a chief of police (note to self: Don't mess with that lady EVER).
  5. The time when my iPod fell out of it's case, landed on the running treadmill, then shot off of the back of it like a missile almost killing someone. 
  6. The time that guy hit on Binderclips. That's what he gets for not wearing his wedding ring to the gym. Hehehehhe
  7. When I met Binderclips (we met at the gym) and he introduced himself and his friend to me. Upon leaving I said "See you later, Ted!" to his friend. *Ted wasn't his name. I found this out later. 
  8. The time I forgot to bring my gym shorts and ended up working out in the skirt that I wore to work. Ok, so this didn't happen - but I would not put it past me.
I'm sure you get the idea and I'm sure I'll think of more after I post this. Any who, got any stories to share like this? I would love to hear them, it would make me feel as if I'm not the only one who attracts weirdos.

Later Gators!

*Thank goodness it wasn't his name - the name "Ted" always made me think of one of my old neighbors who's nickname was "Ted, Ted $hit on my head". Don't ask.


  1. I'm thinking of going to a Gym for the winter. Is there a dress code beyond shorts shoes and a Tee.
    And why are you cooking Buffalo, surely that cannot be a good idea. Isn't it like eating Flipper or something.

  2. Not really, I think as long as you wear shoes other than flip flops and shorts that cover your "junk" you're good. LOL

    Buffalo (BTW, every time I try to type a "f" today I end up typing a "g", so that almost ended up being buggalo) is a really lean meat, so not too much fat. Plus, we buy our buffalo from a buffalo farmer that's about an hour away from us. It's good stuff and all grass fed too.

  3. Is this the fellow.

    It was Bambi I was thinking rather that flipper.
    And thanks, I've shorts with a pants that hold the 'junk' snug. So I'll be good. Leastwise I've little intention of waving them in anyone's face.

  4. Yeppers! That's him. Beef is more commonly eaten here, but Buffalo (or buggalo as my hands would like to type) is not uncommon to eat. Also, venison (deer, like Bambi) is eaten around these parts. When I was little my Dad used to hunt in the Rocky Mountains and bring us home deer and moose to eat often.

    Good to know (about the shorts and pants). Waving stuff like that around at the gym is not the best way to make friends. :D

  5. This was so funny! I have actually seen a guy fall on the treadmill and go shooting off, almost killing himself and someone he took down with him...kind of like your iPod!

  6. Ha! You are too funny, girl! I think the iPod-speeding-bullet one blew my mind. Remind me never to work out too close to's freakin' dangerous!

    I'm a magnet for strange people. I'm the one the homeless-looking-guy in the market will approach to help decipher the expiration date on his container of Yoo-Hoo.

  7. I'm amused that you yelled at someone for taking your pants. Even if they turned out to be not your pants. LOL.

  8. What a work out :)

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral


  9. Sandra: Thank you! Oh man, I haven't went flying off the treadmill YET, but I am VERY clumsy. Poor guy! :D

    Kathryn: Hehehehe! Clumsy, accident-prone, and a magnet for weirdos is what I am! LOL to your luck being like mine with the Yoo-Hoo guy!

    Whispering Writer: Glad you found it funny! That whole thing happened in a matter of seconds and mostly in my head. Clearly, there is something wrong with me. :)

    Cloudia: You can say that again! Thanks for stopping by again! Aloha to you! :)