Saturday, October 23, 2010

Conversations with Binderclips

The cutest dogs EVER ;)

From top to bottom: 1) Turner aka "Bubs" and 2) Callie aka "Cals"

As you all know, Binderclips and I are not the best at communicating, especially with each other. Here's a perfect example of how most of our conversations go:

We're at the gym, both on treadmills right next to each other watching TV. CNN is on and a clip about Apolo Ohno (the speed skater) is being shown. I say "Hey isn't that Ohno?".

Binderclips: As to confirm he says "Ohno"

Hulabuns: I think 'Hehehehe! He fell into my trap' laugh my best villan laugh inside my head then say "Oh yes it is!" then start laughing hysterically

Binderclips: Really? So, we're doing that today are we?

Hulabuns: "I don't know what you're talking about" I say - still laughing

A couple of minutes pass...

Binderclips: Hey, I really like those shorts on you. They really compliment your feet.

Hulabuns: "My feet?" I say then look at my feet to make sure I don't have toilet paper stuck on my shoe or something. I don't.

Binderclips: Yeah, your feet.

Hulabuns: "My feet?! How do shorts compliment feet?" I say all confused-like

Binderclips: Well, they compliment the appendages attached to your feet.

Hulabuns: I just stare at him, unimpressed

Binderclips: "I think we should throw your other shorts away" he says, referring to a pair of running shorts I've had longer than I've known him. The elastic has actually broke on the waistband and I have to fold the top down so that they stay up.

Hulabuns: "Not a chance, Bucko" I say then follow it up with "If you throw them away without my knowledge like you did my ladle, we are going to seriously throw down."

Binderclips: mumble, mumble, mumble "Turner", mumble

Hulabuns: What?

Binderclips: I said I'm going to give your shorts to Turner.... mumble, Ore Ida, mumble

Hulabuns: Ore Ida?? What on Earth are you talking about? Ore Ida hashbrowns?

Binderclips: I said I'm going to give your shorts to Turner, so that he can hide them.

This is my life folks! Binderclips and I live in a constant state of confusion with each other and we wouldn't have it any other way. I plan to post pictures from our trip to Vegas in  my next post - so look for them (can anyone say Grand Canyon?). I hope you're having a good weekend.

Later Gators! Oh and GO STATE!!


  1. those are some mighty good pictures, who took those?

  2. Hrrrrmmmm, I wonder who left that comment? Seeing how Binderclips took the photos, I'm guessing it was him.

    Binderclips - You're a nerd. HA! Be careful or I'll share the story of Limpy McLimpenshortenstein with everyone. :D

  3. Fun post! Thanks for the chuckles. I'm thinking anon took the super photos! Like I said, fun post, thanks!

  4. Enjoyable post, gal pal!

    Sweet faces....gotta join this cool blog :)

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral


  5. lovely looking dogs. I thought there was another photo of the two of them together.
    Why exactly are you holding on to ancient shorts, sentimental reasons, eh.
    And is the reason your fella has his issues with them, that without the band they will be round your ankles. But I don't see how that could be an issue for I doubt you would wear them outside the house.
    Is he not thinking this through.

  6. I still don't understand why the heck he'd throw away a ladle. It's like, "Hm. What's this long, giant spoon doing in here? It's clearly a superfluous spoon. I will throw it away." Very odd man you've got there. You wouldn't know it from looking at him though!

  7. Makes life interesting to say the least!

    Cute, cute, cute doggies!

  8. Those are the cutest dogs I have seen in a while. Can they have babies and will you send me one? :)

  9. I have a pair of shorts that my husband shakes his head at every time I wear them. Too bad- they're staying.

    Why did he throw away your ladle?

  10. An old boyfriend might have given it -the ladle- to her.

  11. Kittie Howard: Thanks! I do my best. ;)

    Cloudia: Thank you so much! Also, thanks for becoming a new follower. I really appreciate it. Aloha to you! Make sure to soak up some sun for me there. :)

    Vince: Thanks - I think on a scale of cuteness - my pups and Jess are clearly off the charts! There was one more photo, but it MAY have revealed some personal info that I thought it might be best not to share, so I removed it. The shorts are my favorite running shorts, and actually, I do wear them out. LOL Haven't had them fall down yet, but they are longer than the ones I was wearing that day - that's the reason Binderclips doesn't like them really.

    TB: You've met him. Yes, he LOOKS normal, but he is far from it. :D

    BB: Yes, it sure does! Thank you, I think they're cute also (obviously). ;)

    Marsy: Thank you, thank you!! Since we got them for a rescue they spayed and neutered them, so no babies are in their future. :( But, I will promise to keep posting pictures of them and their cuteness. :)

    Missed Periods: I keep telling Binderclips that if he throws these away, it will not be in his best interest. Glad you understand where I'm coming from on this! As for the ladle, I'm thinking he may have used it for something other than it was intended (i.e. to clean out the drain or something gross like that) - but, I still haven't heard the whole story. :)

    Vince: LOL! That would be a reason for him to throw it away. Hilarious.

  12. Yes! Thank you for letting me know that Husband and I aren't the only weird couple out there that have totally random conversations that make everyone around us look at us like we just escaped from a mental institution!

    P.S. - I still have a pair of shorts with pink flamingos on them that I used to wear to do weight lifting in back in 1993. Don't let him get rid of your shorts. If he does feed/give them to the dog, you have permission to take his most favorite T-shirt and use it for a dust rag!

  13. Oh, too funny! Sounds like you guys communicate just fine, sweetie!

  14. Kathryn: We both live in world of confusion, but thanks! :D