Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Our Anniversary (Stuff I Do for Love)

Happy Anniversary to us!! Yesterday was our anniversary and what did we do, you ask? Well after working the entire day, I worked my butt off (not literally, I wish though - I could stand to lose a couple of pounds) to make us a nice dinner. I made us a leg of lamb, some baked/seasoned sweet potatoes, a salad, and some yummy dessert. 

For the dessert I made some milk chocolate (milk chocolate = not my favorite, I dislike milk chocolate and am a much bigger fan of dark chocolate but apparently the store was out of it) covered strawberries and what I'm calling MF Smores. It's not what you're thinking though, the "MF" doesn't stand for that, it stands for "Mini Fancy" Smores. Although, they ARE that good (to have a "rapper" type name) - since they are so IN YOUR FACE with their deliciousness. (Just so you know, I'm now imagining one of the MF Smores with a mini gold chain on saying "I don't care about no stinky chickenhead. Just give me my monkey!*" or "My nizzle, why she always droppin' bombs crazy like that?*" waving a mini gun all around and throwing up gang signs.) 

Bascially, all I did for the MF Smores is put 3 mini marshmallows on a skewer, dip them in chocolate, then set them on mini graham crackers to dry. Once done, they could be picked up by the skewer to eat!

Don't they look super duper delicious? I made more than what you see above, believe me. I just didn't want us to eat them all, so I put them away so we can enjoy them later. YAY for chocolate covered strawberries for breakfast today! 

Also, I decided to share some more of our wedding pictures with you. Some are pictures I really like, while others show just a small portion of the things I made (with my bare hands) for the occasion. Just thought I'd share a bit of my creative side with you all.

First, let me say we were married in Michigan and it was unseasonably warm, I mean like 70 degrees, that day. So nice, in fact, that we took a lot of pictures outside. Here's one that I really like:

The below pictures show some of the stuff I made for our wedding (I made almost everything that I could). My bridal bouquet in the picture below was one of the items I made.  I decided to use silk flowers for the making of all of the bouquets and boutonnieres since we lived in a different state than where we were getting married (it made things A LOT easier on me stress-wise).  

I love this picture of us in front of the Beaumont Tower on campus:

I didn't make this but wanted to show what we gave away as a gift to guests. Every guest received a mini lantern as seen below:

I did make our cake toppers also - they were our initials. Funny story there though, I made them out of clay. However, accidentally bought glow-in-the-dark clay and didn't realize it until after I made them. How did I learn they were made out of glow-in-the-dark clay? Well, the day after I made them I went out into our dining room to find them glowing in the dark. LOL

The rest of the pictures are of things I made. Below are the bridal bouquets:

These were our Father's boutonnieres: 

This was Binderclips' boutonniere:

This is the flower girl's basket (with the leaves she threw out during the ceremony) and the card box: 

You like?

Anyways, Happy Anniversary to us! I hope you all have a great day today.

* I found these gangsta quotes on this site. It randomly generates gangsta quotes, just FYI. Need a random gangsta quote? That's the place to go! ;)


  1. Aaaaaaw - how adorable! I love the pictures - you look so happy, and the bouquets and everything looks amazing. You are clearly very talented - I could never have been in charge of the flowers in my own (or anyone else's for that matter) wedding, I would just mess it up big time!

    And I love the gangsta generator! "Sheee, why she always slappin' crazy like that?"

    Happy anniversary :)

  2. Happy anniversary.

    Lovely photos.

  3. I LOVE that you guys had autumn leaves in with your flowers. How beautiful!

    Dinner sounds like it was delicious. Got any leftovers? ;)

  4. Cruella Collett: Thank you! They are some of my favorites! And thanks for the compliments on the stuff I made. Once I was reviewing the pictures and trying to find one to post for our anniversary I was reminded of how much blood, sweat, and tears went into everything. LOL@ your gangsta quote!!! I realized it also generates Pirate quotes too - JACKPOT! Hehehe

    Vince: Thank you! They don't compare to your beautiful photos though!

    TB: Yeah, I decided to do something different for our flowers. Glad you like it! I was a big fan myself! ;)

  5. You're so creative. I love those bouquets but those pictures are really breathtaking they made me pause for a while and imagine my wedding to be.

  6. In honor of your anniversary: I'm your nizzle, and you're my sista. And dat's fo' real!

    It's from your gangsta site.

  7. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! I love all the Fall colours in you decorations. I had a spring wedding and tried to make favors from sugared almonds wrapped in tulle and then wrapped with white silk ribbon to make little roses. I had this grand idea that I would make one for every female guest! Bwahahaha! Oh Martha Stewart, you and your crazy ideas that you make look so easy!. I got as far as 6 and then gave up and used the 6 for the women in the bridal party. - G

  8. Sey: Thank you, I try (to be creative)! The pictures are really some of my favorites and still to this day, the day of our wedding was one of my favorite days ever. I'm happy it made you think of your future in that way. :)

    Missed Periods: HAHAHHA! That's a great quote. Thank you!

    Georgina Dollface: Thanks so much! The sugared almonds sound like a beautiful idea, too bad Martha "the devil" Stewart was behind them. Of course they had to be ridiculously complicated! Great that you got 6 of them done though, with how hard they sound to make - that IS an accomplishment. :D

  9. HB: Happy Anniversary. I found your site on Terresa's blog, The Chocolate Chip Waffle. I would like to follow, and I also invite you to follow mine. Thanks, and congrats again.

    The Disconnected Writer