Thursday, October 7, 2010

Conversations with a Llama

This is me and my llama friend "Larry". Don't we look good? Actually, I think that Larry the Llama was having a better hair day than I was - now that I'm looking at the pictures. Grrrrrrr

After hanging out for a bit, just looking cool (as evidenced by the picture above). It was at this point that Larry the Llama decided to tell me a secret.

HulaBuns: What? What's that you say Larry the Llama?

Larry the Llama: "I'm so glad you are not wearing a wool sweater" he says in a French accent. But it sounds like "Imsoovladyoooarrrvnotvwearingavwoolsveatair."

HulaBuns: *blushing* (It's hard not to blush when you are being spoken to in a French accent) "Oh, Llama. I would never wear wool in front of you." Put off by the French accent I ask "Are you from France?"

Larry the Llama: "You look fabulous. Has anyone told you that today?" he says, again in French accent, eyeing Binderclips as if he's done something wrong. Then responds with "But of course I am from France. Well, the Canadian France. So Canada actually." But is sounds like "ButfcourseImfrooomfrancious. WellvecanAdiennefrancious. SocanAdianneaktoooalleeee."

HulaBuns: "Oh, you silly Llama"  I say again, blushing.

Larry the Llama: "May I lick your face?" he says but it sounds like "MayIvleeekurrrfaaaas?"

HulaBuns: Ummm. No. And I'm watching you Larry the Llama, so don't even try it. And just so you know we don't do that kind of thing in these parts. Face licking is only preferred by a select few and I am not one of those who likes that sort of thing. Unless, I have sugar on my face, but that's a whole nother story.

Unfortunately, for Larry the Llama, I had to leave shortly after. However, I couldn't resist sharing the pictures and story (ummm, of course I didn't make any of it up) with you all. I hope you like it!

Have a great day everyone! Later gators!

Some llama facts: Llamas are the one of the oldest domesticated animals of the world. They have deer-like poop and usually have a communal area where the herd poops. Removal of wool is not harmful to the llamas if done properly.


  1. That 2nd photo is Sooooo 2010.
    Barn animals on a concrete car-park with a kid chatting on a mobile phone.

    And I won't mention anything about the sweet nothings that that animal seemed to be whispering. Ha, I'll bet it was female, so it might be Sapphic in metre.

  2. Hehehehe! You're soo right! Actually I have no idea if the llama was a female actually. LOL

  3. Wait...llamas are sheered for "wool"? I always assumed that all wool sweaters came from sheep! You learn something new every day!

    I prefer alpacas to llamas, myself, but don't tell Larry.

  4. I LOVE LLAMAS :) They're so cute and adorable :) Can you believe I only saw one for the first time last year in January? At 26.

  5. And now that I know about the communal pooping of llamas, I can call it a night. :-)


  6. Funny, I used to work with a girl who was very afraid of them. I guess when she was younger she was looking at some Llamas and the mother grabbed her and wouldn't let anyone get near her like it was her baby!
    Mr Monkey

  7. This was wonderful j'adore votre conversation et votre sens de l'humour plein d'humour.

    I had a very good laugh at your clever conversation and delightful photographs-- wonderful and I could see this dear Llama does like much like a disguised French man now that you mentioned it.


  8. Deer like poop, huh? Cool.

    And nice Llama.

  9. This is hilarious! I will never look at a Llama the same way again.

  10. Thanks for the laugh! ;)

    PS: I used to live in a town where llamas wandered free (it was in South America), it was a weird sight to get used to, but in time, it was like seeing a stray cat or dog, just, "Oh, hey, there's a llama."

  11. I do believe Larry has a thing for you.....

  12. Thanks for the blog love! I get giddy as a school girl discovering new readers and their blogs. ...I concur that Larry is definitely grooving on you!

    Have a fantabulous weekend!
    The Empress

  13. OOOooo girl, you are so lucky that llama likes you! Llama's spit like mofo's if you piss them off...seriously...try being 7 and teasing a llama. Llama 1 - Me 0 :(

  14. "Larry the Llama" - sounds like a good title for a children's book

  15. TB: Don't worry your secret is safe with me! ;)

    Annah: Seriously, you just saw one for the first time at the age of 26? Me too (I love them)! Actually Binderclips found it before me at the fair we were at. He came to find me to tell me that he found it and I just happened to be talking to a vendor at the fair. As soon as he told me about it I was all "sorry so but I've got a llama to go see!" then left abruptly in the middle of our conversation. LOL

    Pearl: I'm sure you rested well knowing too! ;)

    MrMonkey: I have never heard of that happening, but I do find it funny! So, did it grab her with it's teeth? How I'm imagining it happening just can't be right. lol

  16. Joanny: Thanks so much! I'm glad you agree that he did look like a French man in disguise! :D

    Whispering Writer: Thanks, I liked him a lot too! Yeah, I guess that could have been taken several different ways. LOL

    Elle: Thank you and thanks for stopping by! Hehehehe, glad I could contribute to your new found perspective on llamas. :)

    Teresa: Thanks for becoming a new follower!! No problem! I do what I can! OMG, I would love to love in a place like that. Although, it would have been hard to get used to I'm sure (for me at least).

    BB: Glad it's not just me that thought that! ;)

    The Empress: Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I've got your back with the blog love for sure! Looking forward to reading your blog regularly. Larry definitely had a thing for me, you should heard how he was talking to me... ;)

    Miss Melicious: Thanks for visiting and commenting! Actually the reason I looked so nervous was because I thought he was going to spit on me or bit me. lol Oh man, getting spit on one at 7 had to be traumatizing.

    Nick: What a good idea! Thanks for stopping by, I'll be sure to check out your blog asap!

  17. I am laughing so hard right now! Your mind is a brilliant place...and I love that the llama was actually French.

  18. Tee hee, that is too cute. A talking, French llama is brilliant :) I should notify my friend Tami, she loves llamas!

  19. "HulaBuns"

    Bbbut you don't even look Hawaiian!

    (Just fun & nice :)

    Saw you at Pearl's party

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

  20. LOVE LOVE LOVE LArry! I'd let him lick my face. Cruella shared the link as my llama fetish is legendary... Loved the interview!

  21. Sandra: Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I thought it was funny too, but I'm kind of biased since I wrote it in all. ;)

    Cloudia: Thanks for stopping by! Aloha to you as well! Stopped by your blog also.

    Hart: LOL! I'm so glad you like Larry! Next time I see him I'll have to tell him he has an admirer. Thanks for becoming a new follower, I'll try not to disappoint! :)

  22. hahah you look so scared next to the llama! i love it!

  23. Paige: I WAS scared. The llama was so unpredictable. LOL

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    1. Thank you anonymous! I did create it myself! You can contact me for more information if you would like. :) Thanks for visiting!