Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blogger Epidemic

This is a picture of the Smoky Mountains that I took a couple years ago in the Fall. Beautiful colors, right?
Today's post is to warn everyone about a very serious epidemic that's effecting bloggers everywhere. As a blogger, myself, I have to say, I am very, very upset that this epidemic hit us without any warning what-so-ever.

In a bizarre turn of events, lately many bloggers have been experiencing major issues when coming up with new post .....

*BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, donkey-like "Heehaw" noise, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*
We would like to interrupt this blog post for a very important announcement from the Blogger Broadcasting System (BBS). Bloggers everywhere are experiencing what has been identified as Content Fatigue. Content Fatigue is a very serious problem within the blog world. It happens sporadically and without warning to all bloggers at some point. It significantly impacts a blogger's ability to come up with content for blogs. The list of symptoms is vast, therefore all that can be said is - when it hits you - YOU WILL KNOW. While there is no known cure for Content Fatigue - don't be discouraged, the fatigue usually goes away and your content should go back to normal without impact to future blogs. However, it should be noted that Content Fatigue has been known to come and go at will. Please be aware that even though it may have hit you already, it CAN and most likely, WILL hit again. This has been an announcement from the Blogger Broadcasting System. You will now be returned to blogging.
*BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, donkey-like "Heehaw" noise, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP*

Well, that was kind of rude! And too little, too late BBS! Also, what was up with the weird "heehaw" noise? It must be specific to BBS warnings.... Anyways, as I was saying before being so rudely interrupted, this epidemic is spreading quickly. So, I guess I don't have to tell you about it, but now you know (and we all know that knowing is half the battle per GI Joe). 

Good luck everyone, hopefully the Content Fatigue epidemic has not hit you yet. But if it does, know that we all have experienced it at some point. You are not alone.

On a side note: Did you guys know that one of the most important people EVER was born on this day? No?

My Mom was born on October 6th, and she, is of course, one of the most important people EVER to ME (I guess I kind of left that detail out of the question above. Ooops. My bad). Happy Birthday Mom! In honor of you I'm going to "get on the stick" - which, to my Mom means to "get to work" (yeah, so not what you were thinking - pervs). ;)

Later gators!


  1. Did you write this after reading my last post? lol

    I've noticed the problem too. In fact, two blogs that I follow haven't updated in MONTHS. I hope those two lovely ladies aren't dead. :(

    Happy birthday Hulamom!

  2. LOL! No, I didn't. I really do feel like it's an epidemic spreading quickly about us bloggers since it happens to all of us occassionally. :D

  3. Oh, Happy Birthday, Mom! Hope you've had a terrific day!

    As for the Blogger Emergency figures they'd have a donkey as their spokesperson.

    I'm not the least bit worried. Inspiration always comes back!

  4. Nice photo, very autumnal indeed.
    Is it Blogger Burnout you are on about ?. You know when you forget that the blog is for your own fun first and always, then and only then for your readers. But somehow along the way make it into a chore.
    Way back in the day, only very rich people popped a sprog at this time of year. This month would have been the last that our ancient ancestors caves resounded with moans and AHHHHHHH's. Remarkable in its own way that way they managed their fertility and survival.

  5. Kathryn: LOL@ your comment "of course they'd have a donkey as their spokesperson. As for the inspiration, you are absolutely right about that!

    Vince: Thanks! I love the Autumn and all the colors it brings. Yeah, another term for it would be blogger burnout. Although, I'm not feeling that way. Actually a co-worker meant to type "constant fatigue" and typed "content fatigue" instead. I thought it was hilarious (I'm very easily amused, in case you hadn't realized that already). So, I decided to use it in a blog.

    As for your last comment, I've been trying to figure out what your background is in, my first guess is Anthropology. Is that way off?

  6. Vince: Nice. :) Father of history, huh?