Monday, October 25, 2010

Vegas Baby!! (Grand Canyon)

Hello Everyone! Binderclips had a conference to attend in Las Vegas last Monday through Wednesday - so, we decided to fly out the Friday prior to that and do some sight seeing over the weekend. You may not know this (or you may) but I work from home, so I just worked from the hotel room while he was at the conference during the week.

Anyways, here's a picture of the room we stayed in. Pretty nice, huh? We ended up staying at the Wynn, an upscale Hotel/Casino there. The 3rd picture is of our view out the window. Not too shabby if you ask me!

If you're going to Vegas, I'd recommend staying at the Wynn if you can get a good price on the room (read: NOT $220, which is what the room usually goes for, believe me, we didn't pay that and his employer paid for Sunday through Tuesday night). You can get cheaper rooms at other Hotel/Casinos, like the Luxor (where we stayed last time we went), however the bed was not nearly as comfortable as the bed at the Wynn.

This was the food bar in our room. Doesn't it look nice? All the stuff a person might crave at some point. Want something salty? How about some chips or popcorn? Got a sweet tooth? How about some jelly beans, chocolate, or cookies? Or are you thirsty? The water from the Fiji Islands awaits you...wait, what is this sign they have posted on this stuff? Let me take a closer look.

HOLY CARP!! I'M SO GLAD I DIDN'T PICK ANYTHING UP!!!!! The food bar had a timer on it that - if you removed something for more than 60 SECONDS they charged you for it!! 

"Feel free to read the ingredients or count calories. If you decide to indulge...and we hope you do..." Yeah right, it's more like "if you decide to pick anything up and NOT EAT it, we hope you're slow or drunk and it takes you longer than 60 seconds to return the item, so that we can charge you for NOT EATING it." 

I considered buying some of that CAUTION tape and putting it across the top of the stuff (in the style of a giant "X") - but decided against it. Instead Binderclips and I stayed away from it all together. All I could imagine is me deciding to look at the calories on something, Binderclips walking into the room, seeing what I was doing, yelling at me to hurry up and put the item back, and me throwing it in the air across the room due to him startling me. In this scenario we both scramble to find the item (who knows where it would end up, under the bed, perhaps?), then find it and return it exactly 61 seconds later. Seriously, with all the alcohol that is flowing in this city, someone is bound to fall for that one - but not us, thank goodness!

On Saturday morning we signed up a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon. On the way we passed over the Hoover Dam (see first picture below). We travelled by bus to do a tour of the Hoover Dam on Sunday morning, I will post those pictures soon.

The rest are pictures of the Grand Canyon as we flew over it as well as Lake Mead (the largest man-made lake in the Western Hemisphere formed after the creation of the Hoover Dam) and the Colorado River. It was a little dusty that day, so the colors aren't as vibrant as we would have hoped for, just a FYI. I hope you enjoy the pictures! Pictures from our Hoover Dam tour (we actually went inside it and saw the Power Plant) to follow.

Later gators!!


  1. How the hell will they know if you've picked up one of the containers. That looks like a simple wooden tray not something with hi-tech pressure plates for each morsel of snack. But you have to admire the ********* for basically they do not want you in that room at all. As I hear from a students that went to Uni in Nevada that there are free smacks on the casino floor.
    Lovely shots of the G.C. and lake Mead, I read that it's hugely lower that normal.

    Would you not be a bit scared waking up beside such a painting of humongous Triffids.

  2. It totally had a electronic plate thingy (that's the technical term, I'm certain of it) underneath the food! Oh yeah there are free "smacks" (smacks = drinks, right?) - you just have to be gambling to get them (not that I would know *wink, wink*). What you read is on par. Actually, the bus tour to the Hoover Dam was one of my favorite things. That and a show we saw, but I'll post info about those soon.

    The Triffids were supposed to be a Warhol print and I didn't sleep on that side of the bed thank goodness. I startle easily. ;)

  3. Wow, that is so Mission impossible lol. The tray thingy I mean :)

    P.S. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking your time to leave a comment.You have a new follower as well. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting Boomer Pie. I enjoyed your public service message about the timer on the food at the Wynn Hotel. Not a very Wynning welcome! You got a new Cool pics of Hoover Dam. Aren't helicopters fun? I'll be back....

  5. That snack bar is a terrifying concept for those of us who travel with toddlers! Did it say anywhere how much the snacks cost?

  6. Beautiful pictures, even more beautiful room...I think I'm going to put little cards all over my house and write out that warning as well. It might encourage the kids to keep their hands on my fricken stuff! If you hold it for more than 60 seconds, you don't get your allowance!

  7. A great post- simply hilarious about a worse case scenario of being startled by your hubby and tossing the can of goods in the air..reminds of the movie -- Home Alone #2 where the boy stays at the Plaza Hotel and eats all the goodies, except my son did do that in the Hilton we stayed from goodies in the frig in the room -- at the check out I discovered it ---

    Sensation photo's of a spectacular place the "Grand Canyon" cant wait to see your next post.

  8. Oh, God! It's all gorgeous! From the hotel in Vegas to those incredible photos of the Hoover dam! Helicopter ride, eh??

    Wow! You are quite the traveler, huh?

    And I've never heard that about the food bar...I'm glad you didn't pick something up. They're getting very sneaky!

  9. Can you imagine if you would have accidentally bumped into the tray and knocked the snacks over? It would have been like $500.

  10. Alpha Buttonpusher: It kind of was like Mission Impossible, well at least for me not to touch it. lol I'm looking forward to following your blog regularly. :)

    Boomer Pie: Thanks for visiting my blog as well! It certainly wasn't a "Wynning welcome" - hilarious. Helicopters are fun - and dangerous. I took a picture of how close I was sitting to the door actually. :D

    TB: Oh yeah, it had a little booklet that listed out the prices on everything...and of course, everything was super expensive. I should've taken a picture of it, but didn't. :(

    Sandra: Thank you! I LOVE that idea. You will have to let me know how it works out for you. lol

    Joahnny: Thanks so much! Oh carp! Mini bar stuff is so expensive, I would've liked to see that bill! I posted today about Halloween but will post the rest of the pictures next time.

    Kathryn: I thought so too! The helicopter ride was scary actually. :-|
    Honestly, I don't travel to much, but we do take lots and lots of driving trips to visit family in other states. Maybe we travel more than I think we do? ;)

    Missed Periods: Man, I am soo clumsy - I'm surprised I didn't bump into it. LOL