Sunday, May 16, 2010

What on Earth am I Doing?

Hello Everyone! I haven't had a post in a while as I've had a very busy weekend. So far my weekend has included dance lessons, a 5K race, a visit from a friend, and the normal weekend errands as well as preparing for my parents to visit tomorrow. However, I found myself doing this (see picture) today.

Binderclips just happened to get a picture of me doing it.

It is me and yes I am INSIDE of the mattress cover, but my question to you is why? Why do you think I was doing this? What on Earth do you think I was doing?

I can't wait to hear what you think. I'll reveal the real reason soon...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MUWW - Snorkak

Hello! Welcome to this week's version of MUWW! 

As requested by my friend Hot Tubs, snorkak is the word for today. It means matter that should be flushed, but was instead left for the next person to deal with.

Used in a sentence:

Public Bathroom 101: if the snorkak wasn't there when you got there, make sure it's gone before you leave.

We all have dealt with snorkak at some point in our lives (as disgusting as it is). And if you haven't yet had the opportunity to deal with it, when you see it I'm sure you willl agree that snorkak is the best word to describe it. 

 As always, I'm interested in hearing your MUWs - so please please please send them my way! And remember nothing's better than throwing a new word in the mix on hump day!

Also, as side note - I have added an additional page to the blog so that readers can view some of "My Creations" (I paint when the spirit moves me). Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Weirdness

So, if you were wondering what everyone that you knew that has a birthday on May 11th was doing this evening, I have the answer. Because of some kind of mystery phenomenon they were all just getting to the gym at 5:10PM CDT today AT THE EXACT SAME TIME AS ME. WHAT...ON...EARTH!!?? Seriously, this is how it went down:

  1. I scanned my gym membership key tab when we got to the gym to sign in.
  2. Instead of the computer saying "Have a nice workout" it instead said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!", loudly, might I add. 
  3. To which all the people behind the counter said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" to me.
  4. Immediately after that the trainer lady (standing in front of the counter) exclaims "It's her birthday too!!" and points at the lady in front of her.
  5. THEN, the lady behind the counter points at the girl RIGHT NEXT TO ME (a different lady then the trainer pointed to) and says "It's her birthday too!"
  6. Again...
  7. WHAT
  8. ON
  9. EARTH!!??
  10. I got outta there.
  11. I felt like if I stayed any longer I would be swallowed into a black hole created for the May 11th born solely (arriving at that location at the exact same time). 
  12. If I'm being a little over-dramatic here, it's because I had 2 (yes, count them. 1. 2.) cosmos at dinner. They were yummerific and I have no regrets about it either.
  13. I went up to the treadmills only to realize that I was next to Mr. McStinkypants on the treadmill (he literally smelled like he was wearing gym clothes that someone who had ran 4 marathons in a row had been wearing). SICK.
  14. As I walked on the treadmill (and watched all the folks weight training below) I thought of a new invention; a camera that you can wear in a sweatband on your head. I sooo need one of these. How else am I going to get pictures of the weirdos that I see at the gym? More on these folks later....
Any who, happy birthday to me! It' wouldn't be my birthday without weirdness. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Smileys with Sunglasses Take Over

A while back my boss and I were IMing back and forth. We were doing some testing of some lab software at the time. As usual, things had to take a turn for the ridiculous. Below is a screenshot of our actual IM conversation (however, as you may have guessed from looking at it, I modified our names):

In case you are having a hard time reading it, here it is again (it starts mid conversation, btw):

Me: never noticed that before

My Boss: I just get an abnormal flag on that result (A), not an {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}

My Boss:  * an {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}

My Boss: in CPRS

My Boss: in the Lab tab

Me: hmmmm, do you mean to keep putting a smiley with sunglasses on in the im?

My Boss: no


Me: I copy what she put in above, so she can see what I'm seeing: "My Boss: I just get an abnormal flag on that result (A), not and {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}....My Boss: * an {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}"

Me: "Can you see that?" I ask referring to what I just copied and pasted in above.

Me: the smiley and all? are you just trying to say alert?

My Boss: I am typing text

Me: that's weird, so are you talking about alerts when I see the smiley with sunglasses?

My Boss: I don't know

Eventually, I had to call her to figure out what she was talking about (the first 5 minutes of the conversation consisted of us both laughing, however). After talking about it I found out that she kept putting in B-), which my IM made into a smiley with sunglasses, her IM just showed the text.

I like to call these types of situations "Confusion Intrusions".  Has this ever happened to you? Apparently if you chat with me, chances of a Confusion Instrusion happening go up significantly. :)

Anyways, Happy Monday everyone!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you know your Mailman?

Binderclips and I were having a conversation the other day about how he is about cars. We were talking specifically about how he likes them to be super clean, I mean like new car clean, ALL THE TIME.

Anyways, the conversation took a confusing turn at one point and this is how it went (for me at least):

Binderclips: I just like a clean car, that's why I keep them so clean.

HulaBuns: But why new car clean? I mean I think that might be a little overkill, ya know?

Binderclips: Well, do you know the mailman?

HulaBuns: Thinking 'This takes his jumping to new topics to a new level' (I should also mention that I'm picturing him literally jumping on hopscotch type squares with different topics written in them at the same time that I'm thinking this). I respond with "No".

Binderclips: What? Why wouldn't you?

HulaBuns: Uhhhh, it's more like why would I?

Binderclips: Because we're married, that's why.

HulaBuns: "That's interesting, how long has that been going on?" I say, thinking 'I can keep this going longer than you can bucko, believe me'.

Binderclips: He's looking at me with more disdain than ever. He says "I think you know how long it's been going on."

HulaBuns: I say "Clearly, you DO know the mailMAN" then I laugh uncontrollably.

Binderclips: WHAT are you talking about??!!

HulaBuns: I'm still laughing, I almost can't stop. I continue to laugh and say "you're married" through my laughter.

Binderclips: Married to the mailman?! What the....

HulaBuns: "Please, just be long HAS this been going on?" I say, still laughing.

Binderclips: Dare I even ask HOW the mailman got brought into this?

HulaBuns: "Dare I?" I'm still laughing.

Binderclips: Seriously, snap out of it.

HulaBuns: Still laughing I say "I think it started when YOU asked ME if I knew the mailman."

Binderclips: What?! I didn't ask you that!! I said "do you know how anal I am?" Not "do you know the mailman?"

We both start laughing uncontrollably at this point. Now on occasion I ask him how things with the mailman are going.

My questions to readers: Does this happen to other couples? Do you think you're having a conversation about one thing and the other person is talking about something else entirely?

P.S. The picture is not a picture of our mailman, just in case there was any question. ;) 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Bell Ringer

In honor of Cals and Bubs (aka Callie and Turner), today I made up a song. You know that song Dream Weaver by Gary Wright (if not, listen to it here)? Specifically, this part of it:

Ooooh, dream weaver
I believe you can get me through the night
Ooooh, dream weaver
I believe we can reach the morning light

I feel I should also mention that Binderclips and I trained the pups to ring a bell to let us know when they need to go outside. Here is a link to the bells that we have, we bought them from a company called Poochie-Bells. It was really easy to train them, all you have to do is ring the bell prior to going outside and they learn (via Pavlov's response) if they ring them they get to go outside - and almost start ringing them immediately to let you know. 

So, Turner inspired me to make up this song after ringing the bell VERY obnoxiously SEVERAL times, I should also mention that. So, this is what I came up with:

Oooooh, bell ringer
I believe you want to pee outside
Oooooh, bell ringer
I believe you need me to be your guide

My version has been stuck in my head ever since. Hopefully it's not in your head now and if it is, I encourage you to make up your own version. Singing about the dogs wanting to go pee outside is probably not normal. :)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MUWW - Razycaz

Welcome to this week's addition of Make Up Words Wednesdays (MUWW)!!! Last week I decided to dedicate every Wednesday to words that you and I make up. YAY to us and our creativity!

This week's word is actually a part of a language that me and 2 of my very good friends came up with called Mig Platin. Much like Pig Latin, the rules are to take the English word initial consonant sound (or just initial consonant/vowel - the rules are pretty loose in this regard, this is the only difference between Pig Latin and Mig Platin) and affix it to the end of the word, however instead of adding an ay to the end you add an az.

For example, for the word "hat" in Pig Latin it would be athay and in Mig Platin it would be athaz (pronounced at-haz not ath-az). So, yes I know that in Pig Latin "crazy" is azycray, but in Mig Platin it is razycaz* (razycaz has a nicer ring to it, if you ask me).

Just so everyone knows, we discovered razycaz after having a conversation in front of our husbands in Mig Platin. Binderclips lost interest within the first 5 minutes of listening to us talk to each other using it. However, Hot Tubs' husband figured it out after a while of this:

Hot Tubs: Owhaz areaz ouyaz oingdaz?

HulaBuns: Reatgaz, andaz ouyaz?

Hot Tubs: Antasticfaz

HulaBuns: Emaz Ootaz

Her husband responded to us both by calling us razycaz (he actually kept paying attention, unlike Binderclips, and figured it out). To which we both started laughing hysterically. We decided that if nothing but razycaz came of Mig Platin, we could call it a success.

As always, I'm looking forward to hearing your MUWs - so please send them my way! Also, remember nothing's better than throwing a new word in the mix on hump day!

*Razycaz definition: same as English word crazy

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WOE??!! Follow Up

Last post I made was of the below paint masterpiece and I asked folks what they thought the reasoning behind this was. Well, here's the answer:

If my memory serves me correctly, I believe I had woken up to see Binderclips' body with no head. After being freaked out for a couple of seconds thinking "OMG WHERE IS HIS HEAD??!!", I looked a bit harder and could see that it was just hanging over the edge of the bed. However, instead of being overly concerned about it I just went back to sleep to enjoy a wonderful dream about me surfing or being on a safari or something crazy like that.

Anyways, the best part of this particular situation was when we woke up in the morning. Binderclips was complaining about how his neck was hurting and I explained to him how he was sleeping. To which, he went off on some rant (it's not uncommon for him to go off on rants about things) about how I should have woken him up to tell him to move it. My response to him was that I thought he "was comfortable". He then proceeded to tell me that he was trying to stay as far away from me as possible on the bed because I "was being a bug" in a nightmare he kept having. I shrugged it off as Binderclips just being crazy at the time, but later in the day I became fascinated by it. I decided to come up with a picture of what I thought he meant by me "being a bug". The below is what I came up with:

Just in case it's not completely obvious, yes, I did, in fact, use a Men In Black advertisement for this amazing creation. I think I did a pretty good job though, can't you picture me "being a bug" now?? ;)