Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MUWW - Razycaz

Welcome to this week's addition of Make Up Words Wednesdays (MUWW)!!! Last week I decided to dedicate every Wednesday to words that you and I make up. YAY to us and our creativity!

This week's word is actually a part of a language that me and 2 of my very good friends came up with called Mig Platin. Much like Pig Latin, the rules are to take the English word initial consonant sound (or just initial consonant/vowel - the rules are pretty loose in this regard, this is the only difference between Pig Latin and Mig Platin) and affix it to the end of the word, however instead of adding an ay to the end you add an az.

For example, for the word "hat" in Pig Latin it would be athay and in Mig Platin it would be athaz (pronounced at-haz not ath-az). So, yes I know that in Pig Latin "crazy" is azycray, but in Mig Platin it is razycaz* (razycaz has a nicer ring to it, if you ask me).

Just so everyone knows, we discovered razycaz after having a conversation in front of our husbands in Mig Platin. Binderclips lost interest within the first 5 minutes of listening to us talk to each other using it. However, Hot Tubs' husband figured it out after a while of this:

Hot Tubs: Owhaz areaz ouyaz oingdaz?

HulaBuns: Reatgaz, andaz ouyaz?

Hot Tubs: Antasticfaz

HulaBuns: Emaz Ootaz

Her husband responded to us both by calling us razycaz (he actually kept paying attention, unlike Binderclips, and figured it out). To which we both started laughing hysterically. We decided that if nothing but razycaz came of Mig Platin, we could call it a success.

As always, I'm looking forward to hearing your MUWs - so please send them my way! Also, remember nothing's better than throwing a new word in the mix on hump day!

*Razycaz definition: same as English word crazy

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