Monday, May 10, 2010

Smileys with Sunglasses Take Over

A while back my boss and I were IMing back and forth. We were doing some testing of some lab software at the time. As usual, things had to take a turn for the ridiculous. Below is a screenshot of our actual IM conversation (however, as you may have guessed from looking at it, I modified our names):

In case you are having a hard time reading it, here it is again (it starts mid conversation, btw):

Me: never noticed that before

My Boss: I just get an abnormal flag on that result (A), not an {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}

My Boss:  * an {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}

My Boss: in CPRS

My Boss: in the Lab tab

Me: hmmmm, do you mean to keep putting a smiley with sunglasses on in the im?

My Boss: no


Me: I copy what she put in above, so she can see what I'm seeing: "My Boss: I just get an abnormal flag on that result (A), not and {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}....My Boss: * an {insert picture of a smiley with sunglasses on here}"

Me: "Can you see that?" I ask referring to what I just copied and pasted in above.

Me: the smiley and all? are you just trying to say alert?

My Boss: I am typing text

Me: that's weird, so are you talking about alerts when I see the smiley with sunglasses?

My Boss: I don't know

Eventually, I had to call her to figure out what she was talking about (the first 5 minutes of the conversation consisted of us both laughing, however). After talking about it I found out that she kept putting in B-), which my IM made into a smiley with sunglasses, her IM just showed the text.

I like to call these types of situations "Confusion Intrusions".  Has this ever happened to you? Apparently if you chat with me, chances of a Confusion Instrusion happening go up significantly. :)

Anyways, Happy Monday everyone!


  1. For the record, the 'My Boss' referred to is not me! It is her old manager who clearly had no idea how to IM :) I can just imagine the thoughts going thru Chompers head. First, the obligatory "What in the world?" Followed by any combo of the following: "Is she messing with me on purpose?? Am I on Candid camera IM edition? What in the world is she trying to tell me? Has Cerner added an "enhancement" to now display emoticons instead of flags and are now subject to interpretation?"

  2. You definitely know me too well. LOL