Friday, May 7, 2010

Do you know your Mailman?

Binderclips and I were having a conversation the other day about how he is about cars. We were talking specifically about how he likes them to be super clean, I mean like new car clean, ALL THE TIME.

Anyways, the conversation took a confusing turn at one point and this is how it went (for me at least):

Binderclips: I just like a clean car, that's why I keep them so clean.

HulaBuns: But why new car clean? I mean I think that might be a little overkill, ya know?

Binderclips: Well, do you know the mailman?

HulaBuns: Thinking 'This takes his jumping to new topics to a new level' (I should also mention that I'm picturing him literally jumping on hopscotch type squares with different topics written in them at the same time that I'm thinking this). I respond with "No".

Binderclips: What? Why wouldn't you?

HulaBuns: Uhhhh, it's more like why would I?

Binderclips: Because we're married, that's why.

HulaBuns: "That's interesting, how long has that been going on?" I say, thinking 'I can keep this going longer than you can bucko, believe me'.

Binderclips: He's looking at me with more disdain than ever. He says "I think you know how long it's been going on."

HulaBuns: I say "Clearly, you DO know the mailMAN" then I laugh uncontrollably.

Binderclips: WHAT are you talking about??!!

HulaBuns: I'm still laughing, I almost can't stop. I continue to laugh and say "you're married" through my laughter.

Binderclips: Married to the mailman?! What the....

HulaBuns: "Please, just be long HAS this been going on?" I say, still laughing.

Binderclips: Dare I even ask HOW the mailman got brought into this?

HulaBuns: "Dare I?" I'm still laughing.

Binderclips: Seriously, snap out of it.

HulaBuns: Still laughing I say "I think it started when YOU asked ME if I knew the mailman."

Binderclips: What?! I didn't ask you that!! I said "do you know how anal I am?" Not "do you know the mailman?"

We both start laughing uncontrollably at this point. Now on occasion I ask him how things with the mailman are going.

My questions to readers: Does this happen to other couples? Do you think you're having a conversation about one thing and the other person is talking about something else entirely?

P.S. The picture is not a picture of our mailman, just in case there was any question. ;) 


  1. But how do you know it's not your mailman, if you don't know him? I'm just sayin'.

    The hubby and I do have conversations like this very often. Usually, though, it's me trying to give him as little information as possible to get my point across and him getting frustrated that he doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about.

    For instance, this morning, the kid left a plate on the floor by the couch. Our living room is extreeeeeemely tiny, so the plate was literally 5 feet away from the hubby when I asked him to pick it up.

    "Oh, is this what you mean by 'plate'?" (pointing to a tupperware bowl on the floor)

    "Noooooo, the PLATE."

    "I don't know what you're talking about. Where???"


    (He looks around frantically for like 30 seconds before finding the plate and handing it over to me, in a tizzy that I wasn't more specific in my request.)

    I guess I could have asked him, "Can you pick up that little blue plate with the leaf pattern that's leaning against the left side of the couch?", but seriously. It was FIVE FEET AWAY FROM HIM.

    Actually, I guess this isn't the same kind of situation at all. But I totally know what you mean. We should meet up someday and exchange annoying husband stories.

  2. Ooooo, good point TB ...he actually could be our mailman. Hahaha!

    Well thank goodness we're not alone. Sometimes I feel like we need to have a translator with us at all times.

    We actually have what you describe happening between you and your husband above all the time. I find that if I use handimation (hand motions to help describe what I'm saying) we usually understand each other faster (or I just look ridiculous).

    We should meet up and exchange stores! Whenever I'm out and about I look around hoping to see you somewhere. Although, how weird would that be to have a stranger (since you don't know what I look like) come up to you and start talking to you like they know you? lol

  3. I look for you too--but it's a lot harder since I've only seen you as a bug. I am actually really easy to spot, since I have a super-duper-crazy-cute kid with me, who is becoming overly-friendly to strangers. On Mother's Day morning, the hubby brought the kid to Hy-Vee (on Martway) with him, and every time the kid made eye contact with someone, he spontaneously blurted out, "Daisy died." A lot of hearts were broken that day.

    I will know who you are if you talk to me, though, because in my real life only two people call me TB. If we ever come face-to-face, I may even let you in on my real name. ;) I have a feeling that we'll run into you one day at the park since we have to stop every. single. dog owner we pass and ask if we can pet their dogs.