Sunday, May 16, 2010

What on Earth am I Doing?

Hello Everyone! I haven't had a post in a while as I've had a very busy weekend. So far my weekend has included dance lessons, a 5K race, a visit from a friend, and the normal weekend errands as well as preparing for my parents to visit tomorrow. However, I found myself doing this (see picture) today.

Binderclips just happened to get a picture of me doing it.

It is me and yes I am INSIDE of the mattress cover, but my question to you is why? Why do you think I was doing this? What on Earth do you think I was doing?

I can't wait to hear what you think. I'll reveal the real reason soon...


  1. My guess is that you are testing the comfort of the bed for your parents.

  2. Did you need some "you time" away from the dogs? I am confident it relates the the dogs some way.

  3. i think you are stuffing the mattress into the mattress cover. the corners are hard!

    yes, after getting married i now know way too much about sheets, duvet covers (which i mistakenly called bidet covers until recently), and the like.


  4. Work has reached an all time low. Gives staying in bed with my head covered a new look and meaning :)

    Or this is a ninja hiding from the dogs and stealthily waiting for its moment to attack!!

  5. Are you having an Alice in Wonderland moment, trying to find that secret passage to another world???