Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Birthday Weirdness

So, if you were wondering what everyone that you knew that has a birthday on May 11th was doing this evening, I have the answer. Because of some kind of mystery phenomenon they were all just getting to the gym at 5:10PM CDT today AT THE EXACT SAME TIME AS ME. WHAT...ON...EARTH!!?? Seriously, this is how it went down:

  1. I scanned my gym membership key tab when we got to the gym to sign in.
  2. Instead of the computer saying "Have a nice workout" it instead said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!", loudly, might I add. 
  3. To which all the people behind the counter said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" to me.
  4. Immediately after that the trainer lady (standing in front of the counter) exclaims "It's her birthday too!!" and points at the lady in front of her.
  5. THEN, the lady behind the counter points at the girl RIGHT NEXT TO ME (a different lady then the trainer pointed to) and says "It's her birthday too!"
  6. Again...
  7. WHAT
  8. ON
  9. EARTH!!??
  10. I got outta there.
  11. I felt like if I stayed any longer I would be swallowed into a black hole created for the May 11th born solely (arriving at that location at the exact same time). 
  12. If I'm being a little over-dramatic here, it's because I had 2 (yes, count them. 1. 2.) cosmos at dinner. They were yummerific and I have no regrets about it either.
  13. I went up to the treadmills only to realize that I was next to Mr. McStinkypants on the treadmill (he literally smelled like he was wearing gym clothes that someone who had ran 4 marathons in a row had been wearing). SICK.
  14. As I walked on the treadmill (and watched all the folks weight training below) I thought of a new invention; a camera that you can wear in a sweatband on your head. I sooo need one of these. How else am I going to get pictures of the weirdos that I see at the gym? More on these folks later....
Any who, happy birthday to me! It' wouldn't be my birthday without weirdness. :)


  1. How do I get one of those headband camera thingys? :) Happy birthday, love, love, love your blog. You should have a reality tv show...seriously.

  2. happy birthday!!

    whoa, that's some weird birthday stuff that happened at your gym! glad you got out of there! hope you had a fantabulous day besides that!! =)

  3. Happy Birthday! Glad to hear you weren't swallowed by a birthday black hole...that would have greatly decreased the quality of your blog.

    I've often wished that my eyes could just take a picture at will...and rewind, like Tivo. I'm hoping we only have to give it 20 years or so. :)

  4. Well guess I will change my clothes more often.
    Mr McStinkypants

  5. Please do Mr. McStinkypants!

    Thanks guys! It was happy, after all the weirdness happened, of course.

    TB- That is an awesome idea and you wouldn't even have to wear a headband thingy!! I think I'll start pretending like I have that function already to drive Binderclips crazy. I'll blink hard and then tell him I am Bivo-ing (it's a proposed name, I'm sure there are better options) it for later. :D