Monday, April 5, 2010

Major Foot Paint - Updated

From: HulaBuns
To: The Unfortunate Individuals that Work with HulaBuns

I'm having some major foot paint today as a result of surgery yesterday. I will be offline for the rest of the day today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ninja Extraordinaire
Because I have one of these Inc.

In case you are wondering if this email was actually sent out, it was (Minus the signature line, that's reserved for use only with my personal email account: That is - if I can answer all 6 problems correctly. I'll have to cover that topic later at some point). I only noticed that it said "major foot paint" after I signed in today and had an email from a lead that said:

"I hope you feel better and have pain meds!

(btw: At first I thought you were getting a pedicure - major foot paint)"

Only I would mistype something in such a way. Thank goodness she didn't think I was calling myself Major Foot Paint because that's how I read her response to me at first. "At first I thought you were getting a pedicure, Major Foot Paint". I thought 'clearly she's sent this email to the wrong person, I'd never go by the name of  Major Foot Paint'. Although, from how this thing is bruising up I'm thinking that a major foot paint might be necessary.

More to come about the foot surgery, however I believe the best way to describe me and my antics around the house after the surgery is to say I was "Goin' Gangsta"....

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