Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Armpit Incident

I'm not sure why most of the dysfunctional communication between Binderclips and myself occurs at night, all I know is - it does and both of us have to live with it.

One night about 2 months ago we were going to bed. Both of us climbed in; me on the right and him on the left, as usual. Although before I get into what happened I should first mention that we have 2 wonderful dogs: Turner (a boy) and Callie (a girl). Both are from the same litter, a litter of chihuahua/terrier pups that were born on 12/17/09.

Here's a pic of the little monsters (Turner has the white stripe and Callie doesn't):

Aren't they the cutest dogs EVER??!!?! Before you start getting all detaily* on me, let me say this: "Yes, Turner IS, in fact, wearing a doggie diaper....and YES, it WAS necessary. He had a bit of a incontinence issue up until the age of 10-11 months old."

As I was saying, we were climbing into bed for the night. Callie had crawled under the sheets in between Binderclips and I with her tail near my shoulder and her head near my hip. Immediately after that Binderclips turned off the light. Because we have dark curtains (due to the fact I am a very light sleeper), it was pitch black in our room.

I was feeling nice so I decided to reach over and give Binderclips a pat/rub on the shoulder to say goodnight. So I reached over (again in the pitch blackedness**) to feel for Binderclips' shoulder, however felt something furry. Thinking it was Callie's tail I tried to push it to the side repeatedly (think a 'stay' in cards type hand motion). After about the 5th or 6th try I got frustrated and said "What on Earth??!!" (this is a phrase I throw around a lot so get used to it). To which Binderclips responded with "What are you doing?!" In which I responded with "What is THAT?!" To which he responded with "My armpit." To which both of us burst out in a fit of laughter.

When I asked him why he didn't say anything to me when I was "petting his armpit" (because that IS what I was doing basically) he said he thought it was the dog. Now, when we go to bed, before he shuts off the light (and sometimes after), he'll ask me if I want to pet his armpit.

*Detaily means focusing on the details
**Blackedness IS a word (in my book) and if it's not, it should be and I refuse to define it because the definition should be obvious

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