Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Make Up Words Wednesdays (MUWW)

I've decided that me and my friends make up words enough to have an entire day of the week dedicated to it. However, I want your input - do you make up words? If so, sign me up to hear what they are and how you define them! I also plan on making the words "word of the days" that I will challenge myself (and you, if you're interested) to use as much as possible (disclaimer: people will call you out on using made up words, be strong and confident when using any MUWs and as always use them with caution).

My word of the day today is fapalack (pronounced; fap- a- lack). It means preposterous, ridiculous, or absurd. Used in a sentence:

That shit is wack, in fact, it's fapalack.

If there's interest, I will keep a running list of all the words created (by you and me) on an additional page on the blog. Looking forward to hearing your MUWs, nothing's better than throwing a new word in the mix on hump day!


  1. Grumpis - A grumpy and/or pissed of person. Usually applies to me at the end of a crappy work day.
    Used in a sentence: I was such a grumpis when I got off work until I was able to spend some quality time with my wife and Kerfluffel.


    Kerfluffel - A playful and fluffy puppy.

  2. Both have been added to the MUWs page. Thanks for responding! I will make sure to work both 'grumpis' and 'kerfluffel' in to my vocab as much as possible. :)