Wednesday, April 14, 2010


On occassion I like to scare Binderclips for no other reason than - just for the fun of it (and often this happens on accident).

Anywho, one day he was in the shower and I had to tell him something (this is an 'on accident' example btw). I went into the bathroom, not trying to be quiet or anything, in fact I thought my entrance was a loud one. Anyways, I peered around the shower curtain to see the back of him, so I decided to wait until he turned around before I said anything so that I wouldn't scare him. To my surprise, the opposite happened. As soon as he turned around and saw me he screamed "AHHHHHHHHH!". Because I didn't expect him to scream like a girl (and at all for that matter) and because he scared me by yelling at me I screamed back "AHHHHHHH!!". To which I scared him again and he screamed at me again "AHHHHHHH!!!".

Finally, I had to yell "CUT IT OUT!" for us both to snap out of it. The funny thing is that this has happened SEVERAL times in our household and it always seem to play out the same way.

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