Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Toe Bump #2

Continued from Toe Bump #1...

They call me back and I follow the nurse to the examination room. She asks me what the reason for my visit is and if I've ever had any surgeries and if I have any major health conditions. I think 'didn't I get here 1/2 hour before my appointment to fill out paperwork that included answers to all of those questions? Also, did I not wait an extra 20 minutes because of this emergency surgery? Furthermore, did I not see this nurse sitting at the reception desk with my paperwork for almost the entire time I waited (at this point I'd been waiting approx. an hour).' I consider for a moment that there's maybe a reason she didn't read the information sitting RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER:

Maybe she's blind? No that can't be true she appears to not have a cane (I definitely would have noticed a cane thingy if she had one). Did she forget her glasses? No, she seems to wearing a pair (if I would've paid attention earlier this would have ruled out the blind question). At this point I realize she's saying something about a shoe, so I start paying attention again.

I respond with pointing to my shoe and try to read her response to see if I can figure out what she just asked me without asking her to repeat herself. She looks at me pointing to my shoe and says "yes, please remove your shoe and sock". HA! Take that you non-reader! I remove them both and she looks at my foot as if it has growths all over it. I look at it wondering if it looks different from when I saw it last. 'It doesn't appear to have any growths on it' I think to myself and 'isn't she a nurse for a FOOT doctor? She really should be used to seeing these types of things'. She says to wait and the doctor will be right in to see me.

He comes in shortly after, I tell him what's wrong and he starts torturing me. By torturing me I mean pushing on the bump, trying to move it around and just when I think he's done he decides to push on it some more. He finally stops and says "yeah you either have a bone spur or cyst on your toe". He then proceeds to tell me that after looking at an x-ray (to be sure that's what it is) all he has to do is "cut it open and file it off".

All of a sudden I realize I said something and now he's looking at me with a confused look on his face. Without even realizing it I had responded with a "Oooooo, oh no". Again, I realize this only after I see him looking at me all confused like (also, I suspect that I was shaking my head from side to side while saying it, now that I think about it). He responds with "it's a minor procedure, we may be able to do it right here in the examination room". I respond with "that does not sound as good as you think it does" and follow it up with "I'm not sure I'm prepared to talk about this right now".

My follow up appointment is today to review my x-ray, wish me luck because I will need it.

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