Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How my husband got an office supply nickname

So, for those of you that do not know my husband - he's odd (in the best way possible of course). One of his best (and most annoying) qualities is to make sure everything he owns stays looking like new (even me, he does not handle it well if I get sick or injured and am not in the original state he found me in when we first met). Well, this story has a lot to do with that quality.

First, a little bit more background information is necessary: Binderclips has gigantasaurus* feet (he's tall and doesn't realize that he needs them to be big to allow him to not fall over, so really they are the perfect size for him and DO NOT look too big).

Anywho, ever since I've known him he's worn his jeans too long to cover up his feet (he, however, will argue that they are just the right length and not too long). Well, when you wear jeans that are too long they have a tendency to drag on the ground. Which, if you are like my hubby, does not bode well for keeping things looking like new. One fine day he decided that if he binderclipped the back of his jeans up, that would save them from looking worn and again, keep them looking like new. So, instead of thinking to himself 'this is odd, maybe there's a better way' - he went with it and starting binderclipping them up.

So, he continued to do this for YEARS without ANYONE saying ANYTHING to him about it (well, aside from me at home). After a while he began to do it as a challenge to see if anyone would ever say anything to him about it. We actually would have discussions about it when he got home and both of us would always be surprised when no one mentioned it - EVER. For example, one day he came home and said "you'll never believe this, today I was walking up the stairs in front of this guy and the binderclips on the back of my jeans were hitting the stairs making a click noise every time I stepped. I knew the guy saw them, I even swore he looked down at them and then back up at me, but he still said NOTHING about them!!" It was the closest call he had, that is, until Hot Tubs came into the picture.

Hot Tubs is one of my best friends, I will have to share the story of how she got that nickname another day. Anyways, she was visiting, noticed them, asked him about them, and within 5 minutes of arriving had decided his new nickname would be Binderclips.

Her and her husband also have randomly left a box of binderclips on our welcome rug outside of our apartment, in which both Binderclips and I did not put 2 and 2 together on. "Wow! Look a box of binderclips! Someone must have dropped them! Must be our lucky day!" we exclaimed after finding them - clearly, we are a match made in heaven. Well, that's the story of how my husband got an office supply nickname. Look for the story of how I got HulaBuns as a nickname coming soon. :)

* Gigantasaurus means gigantic (like dinosaurishly** big)
**Dinosaurishly means like a gigantic dinosaur***
***So, I make up words! What are you going to do about it? Huh?!

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  1. As a follow up to this I would like to say that "no, Binderclips is not mad at me all the time because I'm not in Michigan" (since that is the actual state he met me in)....I could foresee this comment coming down the pipeline.