Friday, December 24, 2010

Oh Ugly Christmas Tree

Every year I notice that something changes in me, I become more sentimental. For the past couple of years we haven't put any Christmas decorations up. However, this year I felt differently and wanted to put something up. I decided to find an ornament tree, which apparently does not exist and is a figment of my imagination because they were NOWHERE to be found. Instead I found a jewelry tree that did the trick, but I digress...

Anyways, what I wanted the tree for is to put all the ornaments my Mother made for me on. Every. Single. One. Now, I'm sure she's made me more ornaments than what is seen on the tree, but we made these last year together. Well, some of them, she made the garland type thingies, candy canes, and I think I made 1 of the ornaments and she made all of the others.

A picture of the completed tree is below. It's quite ugly, I know - but I could not love it more. It's one of my favorite things. (Don't worry, this isn't Oprah, so you won't be given one.) Many a times Binderclips has found me standing in front of it staring at it with a goofy grin on my face. I absolutely love it. With the garland type stuff on it it kind of looks like a bonsai tree, right?

One of the other things that makes me super duper happy this holiday: The new coats I bought for the dogs. The ones they have on in the pictures below have hoods and I got them monogrammed AND they are wearing scarves too. After I bought the darn coats online I dreamt about how they would look on my little angels until they arrived. (Yes there IS something wrong with me, but I'm comfortable with it, so you should be to.)

Anyways, I know this is a deviation from my normal posts, however I hope that where ever you are and whoever you're spending the holiday with - you're having a great time. I will be spending my holiday with the people I love the most and hope you're able to do the same! That's what the holidays are all about to me, spending time with your loved ones.

PS In other news, Binderclips has informed me that he's "got a blackbelt in text-fu" - so we've been discussing that a lot. Just thought I'd let you know.

Have a great weekend everyone! Happy Holidays!!

Me with my little angels, aren't they cute?


  1. hahaha i LOVE it!!! and the dogs look super cute too!! merry christmas, friend!!

  2. Your hair looks beautiful!! Vinnie needs one of those dog coats, for sure. Right now he's rockin' a $2.50 Target tee with a gingerbread man on it that says "Bite Me".

  3. I've seen a tree made of twisted copper and braised together in the form of an Oak or Ash. It stood about 18" high, but I see no reason why not higher.

  4. I dig your tree and your holiday vibe! Merry Christmas.

  5. Love that tree!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  6. I think your tree is lovely. I can see where you would just stand and stare at it. Awwwww.
    Cute doggie coats. They are all decked out for the holiday season!

  7. LOL, there is birds in the tree. Delightful.

  8. That is sweet that you want to display your Mother's ornaments. I came over on the suggestion of Bernie from One Mixed Bag. The dog clothes are the "Cat's Meow." Well, wrong animal, but it means I like them. My 15 yr. chihuahua died last year and I had sweaters galore that I had to get out of sight immediately. Tooo sad. Great blog. New follower.
    Wanna buy a duck

  9. That tree is very chic!

    I also think those coats for your dogs are just so adorable!

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas & wishing you a happy & prosperous 2011! :)

  10. Hi, I found your blog through Bernie at One Mixed Bag and love it. I am your newest follower. I love your tree. Just to know you and your Mom made those is so great. And you fur babies are so cute in their coats! My fur baby would try to eat a coat. LOL!

  11. Your favorite things are better than oprah's!!!!

  12. In the 2nd pic of Callie and Turner, Callie kinda looks like Dobby from Harry Potter, the way her ears are sticking out :) I know that's not her normal look but I couldn't help but tell you.

  13. Simply put, your tree rocks my face off.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Oh but I DO wish it was Oprah, because I want an ornament tree with lovely ornaments on it, just like that one!
    We didn't do a tree this year simply because we wouldn't be home for it anyways. But still, I get kind of sentimental about all the ornaments that Funny Man and I first bought together, years ago. They're wooden and cheap and tacky-looking but they remind me of how much fun we had even when we were just starting out and didn't have a lot of money. And that's what the holidays are all about to me, anyways.
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a fabulous New Year's too! - G
    PS. I haven't got the code for my blog button, but I think if you right click on the image in my sidebar, copy it, and then paste it with an html link, you achieve the same results. Good luck and thanks for thinking of me!

  15. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year, oh by the way the dogs are adorable and the tree well it is 'creative' and original and it is all yours.... with that may creativity , love and beauty continue to surround every moment of 2011.


  16. That picture of your dogs is hysterical! Nice tree! LOL! Happy 2011!

  17. I LOVE your tree. And your pups? Are precious! :) Hope you had an awesome Christmas.

  18. Sandy: Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you & thanks for stopping by!

    TB: Awww thanks! Too bad I didn't have time to do that to it on Monday! My hair was a mess that day. I love Vinnie's shirt, it's soo cute & looks great on him. Thanks again for having us over, your hubs sure is a fantastic cook!

    Vince: We don't have a lot of room in our living room, so that's why it's so small. And, yes there were birds in it. LOL

    Lightning Bug's Butt: Thank you! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    Bossy Betty: Thanks a bunch! Happy New Year to you!

    Bernie: Thanks friend! If we lived my each other you could've came over and stared at it with me. Hehehehe!

    Manzanita: First things first: of course I want to buy a duck (I know that's they name of your blog, but I just love it)! Secondly, thank you for becoming a new follower. I'm a new follower of yours as well. Can't wait to read regularly.

    Notes from Nadir: Awww thank you! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year as well!

    Joshlin: Thanks for leaving a comment and becoming a new follower. I really appreciate it! I'm a new follower of yours as well. Oh don't worry, my pups tried to eat the scarves at first too. LOL

    Me...Uncensored: That is such a great compliment, thank you! Happy New Year!

    E's Momma: No, that IS one of her normal looks actually. LOL Happy New Year!

    Erin O'Brien: LOL! I love that comment, thank you! Happy New Year to you as well!

    Georgina: Thanks so much! I love wooden & tacky ornaments (especially that have sentimental value). I hope you had a Merry Christmas as well. Also, Happy New Year!! Ok, I'll give your suggestion a try for the button. I just love your blog, even though I haven't checked it regularly (sorry). We are moving and I'm super duper busy. Sigh.

    Joanny: Thank you and Happy New Year to you also!!

    Climb2Nowhere: They were really upset about the coats at first. :D Happy New Year to you also!

    Jill: Thank you! I hope you had a Merry Christmas and are having a Happy New Year as well!