Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! Socktastrophes & Other Weird Happenings

This picture is from Minnesota, I took it when we were there for Thanksgiving.

I hope you all brought in the New Year with thoughts of 2011 being a great year for all of us!

Random Weirdness from the Holiday

1) Binderclips and I were out and about and he received a call from his mom telling us they were at "Bonnaroo". Since Bonnaroo is an outside concert that occurs in Tennessee during the summer time, I knew they were definitely not at Bonnaroo, but decided to just let it go. What I didn't realize is that this would come back to bite me. The very next day I was sitting talking with Binderclips' mom and she said to me "Where were we yesterday? I just can't remember."

Hulabuns: "Hmmm, wasn't it Bonnaroo" I say knowing that isn't right, but hoping it spurs her memory a bit

Binderclips' Mom: She just looks at me like I'm crazy

Hulabuns: "Bonaroom?" I say knowing that still isn't right

Binderclips' Mom: Still looking at me like I'm crazy

Hulabuns: "Bona..something" I say as a last ditch effort

Binderclips' Mom: Oh, Bonarose, that's right!

Hulabuns: See I'm not as crazy as you thought after all!

Binderclips' Mom: I was beginning to wonder there for a minute

2) Binderclips and I stayed at my parents' one night. The next morning we wake up and are getting dressed. He's putting on his socks and the following happened:

Binderclips: As he slides a sock on his foot, he looks over at me. His foot is in the air. He says "Hey, did you pack MY socks?"

Hulabuns:  I look over to see his foot still in the air with my sock on it. Like, all the way on it, which is extremely impressive considering I wear a size 5.5 -6 and he wears a 12. I say "WTF?! How did you even get my sock on your foot like that?!"

Binderclips: *confused face*

Hulabuns: Take my sock off, right now *Pretty sure I'm going to lose it face*

Binderclips: Did you bring any of my socks?!

Hulabuns:  "What is it with you and socks?! It's like they are invisible to you or something" I say, getting them out of the same pocket that he got my socks out of and handing them to him.

The rest of the day I walked around with a very stretched out sock on my right foot, just so you all know. I was not a fan.

3) This is one of our conversations while on our way to MI in the car:

Binderclips: Turns on the bright headlights then says "Well, those don't help at all. You can't see anything but the trees."

Hulabuns:  I like the trees (I'm a major tree hugger, in case you didn't know) and I think they need more light

Binderclips: "Well, I need to see the road and the trees do not need more light" he says sounding a little bit frustrated

Hulabuns: "A little something called 'photosynthesis' says they do" I say knowing that headlights are not the type of light involved in photosynthesis.

Binderclips: *Really? We're going to do that right now face*

The examples above are just a few of the weird things that happened, I'll have to share more of them later. Anyways, I hope you all are doing well!! To my fellow bloggers Bernie at One Mixed Bag and TB and Year 31 I have to send big huge ginormous thanks! They both included me in their favorite blog listings. Thank you ladies for the blog love, you both are 2 of my favorites as well. Also, thanks to the new followers that have found their way here. I, again, can thank TB and Bernie for leading some of you here. I will be checking out your blogs as well when I get caught up on all of my reading.

Also, Binderclips and I are moving. We basically have 2 weeks to get packed and ready to go, so I may not blog as regularly as I would like or read your blogs as much as I would like to for the next couple of weeks. However, believe me, once all the dust settles I'll be right back to it.

Have a great day today! Later gators!


  1. Gosh, two weeks?? I mean, I knew it, but I guess it didn't register. That's the blink of an eye. :(

    For Binderclips's going away gift, I think I'll buy him some sock-seeing glasses. They'll, of course, just be 3D or sunglasses with a picture of a sock painted on, but you get the idea. Ok, I probably won't do that...but you can! I'm so full of good ideas. :)

  2. I enjoyed your post and congrats on making those lists of favorites!

    Happy moving. Breathe deep.

  3. Two weeks. Crapcicles. I thought it was longer than that. Wow. Are you guys going to use your own moving van? Well not your own personal one, but rent one?

    I have never heard of that town in MN. Where is that? Is that even a town?

    What is it with men and socks? The Mr. might or might not change his pants, but his socks are regular like clockwork. I don't get it. But I hate socks so that could be part of it.

    Glad you posted. I missed you. Your welcome for the pimping. I just wanted to share you with other folks.

  4. i love the weird stuff! keeps things interesting no? lol "what is it with you and socks" kills me!

  5. Weird as weird does, I guess. A trip to Minnesota..... wish I could take a trip to Minnesota. Perhaps this is the year.
    Have a calm and happy move.

  6. Good luck with the move. I suggest marking one box "Hulabuns's Socks" and another "Binderclips's Socks" and then pack those first. Everything else will go smoothly after that! - G

  7. TB: Yes it is! We are working our butts off packing, believe me! Great idea on the going away gift! LOL

    Bossy Betty: Thank you! I needed that reminder (to breath deep). :)

    Bernie: Yeah, I hope we can pull it off! We're renting one and Binderclips will drive it up there with a car in tow. Why do you hate socks? That's funny, but I hate getting the mail so I understand. Binderclips will ask me if I want to get the mail and sometimes I refuse to do it. :D

    Constar: Yes, it definitely keeps things interesting. lol I feel like socks are invisible to him, but only his socks. :D

    Manzanita: Minnesota is a fun place to visit, we go to see our relatives at least 4 times a year. Where do you go when you take trips there?

    JJ: Thank you, we need it!!

    Georgina: Thanks so much! LOL - great suggestion!!

  8. Moving sucks. Best of luck with it.

    BTW, my home is 90 percent powered by photosynthesis.

  9. Socks...the bane of many marriages and families...

    Someone had to say it...

    xo Susie

    ps good luck with the move!