Thursday, December 16, 2010

Naked Blindless

Hi guys! How's everything going out there? Ready for the weekend/Christmas? I think I'm ready, but we shall see. Just a couple more gifts to pick up.

This guy clearly needed me to help him with his package.

Ummm, almost got it, just a little to the left....

If it's night time and people's lights are on and their blinds aren't shut, do you look in? 

Well, I do. Mostly because I'm curious as to how they have things decorated. Also, sometimes you see people doing things you should not see them doing with the blinds open. However, when this happens (to me) I'm so in shock my head doesn't think they are actually doing what they are doing.

Case & point:

Above us live 2 single girls who are in college. They have a shit-ton of plants up there. I know this because while they were out doing internships I watered their plants for a month. They're sweet girls. They're not sisters but look almost identical, it's very confusing actually.

Any ways, one of them has a boyfriend or whatever (she's so sweet I can't imagine her having friends with benefits, so I'm calling him her boyfriend). Plus, if he is her "friend with benefits" he's definitely benefitting 'cause she never has any other guys over and she's super cute.

So, one evening when my best friend was in town we all went out to eat (Binderclips, my BFF, & me). When we came back Binderclips pulled up to the front of our apartment to drop us off. As I looked up I saw some peach colored figures moving around like they were doing vigorous calisthenics. Quickly I said "What ARE they doing up there?" without even thinking about what they were actually doing up there. Which, of course resulted in my BFF and Binderclips promptly looking up there. To which, we all started laughing and I said "Oh, well, I didn't realize they were doing THAT."

Seriously, they looked like they were doing it like rabbits or like they were on fast forward or something. It was impressively fast, whatever they were doing. I mean I know what they were doing, but however they were doing it - that might be a better way to put it.

Have you ever seen someone "doing it" like that and then had to face them the next day? Awkward. 

Me to the girl the next day: Oh hi, how are you? Probably good, right? *winking*

Ok, so I didn't see her and I have no idea what I would've said if I would have. All I can say is let this be a lesson to all of us: Naked + Blindless (aka blinds open) + "doing it" = not a good combination (unless you're into that sorta thing).

Happy Thursday! Later gators.


  1. Ok, good to know I'm not the only one who peeks in windows. Not the stand on a chair, grab the ledge and plant of face to the window, type peeking. The charges were dropped and that's all I'm going to say on that.
    I too like seeing how something is decorated. The night time is the best time for this. I have no clue what I would say to that girl the next day.
    When I first moved to Billings, I lived in a dump that had paper thin walls. Lets just say my neighbors were quite busy EVERY morning with "extra extracurricular" activities. The girl was a screamer and he was a moaner. One would think that you could block that out. Not when their bed was right against the wall my toilet sat against. I never saw them, ever. Thank God.

  2. Well, the next day you could go one of two ways. Not a mention of it at all, or make suggest suggestions how to improve. It is physical exercise after-all.
    'Lift with the knees'. 'brace the spine'. That sort of thing.

  3. Note that fellow is missing his right thumb !!.

  4. Well I just dropped by to see how you were doing, glad Ur,,, and well got a good chuckle out of this dialog, it reminds me of the TV sitcom friends episode where Monica & Chandler were doing the same thing with the blinds open and Phoebe spotted them and started to scream well it started a whole thing of playing pranks on Monica & Chandler who didn't know they all knew -- it was quite a funny episode just like your story here.
    warm wishes for the holiday,

  5. I live in NYC and see people having sex all of the time. One of my friends lives in a building and the neighbor across from him humps his bed all day. We watch it all the time. He never closes his blinds. That's the one thing all of this does. It reminds me to close my blinds. Always!

  6. I'm super-paranoid about this sort of thing since our bedroom window faces the whole neighborhood! When I'm not at home, however, I could care less.

    When we were in SF recently, our room was on the sixth floor and the window in the shower went from my belly button up, with no screen. I opened it while I was taking a shower and kept looking out to see if anyone was looking at me, but from what I could tell, my boobs were ignored by all. It felt nice to shower in the fresh air!

    The experience reminded me to look up more often when I'm around tall buildings. ;)

  7. I walked in on a couple at work once. Hospital, 3rd shift. Jeez, people. Lock the door!

    Who's your pale, naked friend?

  8. Hahaha! Your posts always make me laugh. And I love the cheeky photo.

  9. Yeah, to see how they decorate, that's right, that's why I look in windows at night too! LOL. I once saw a couple on a balcony doing it in the middle of the morning. They had a blanket pulled over them from head to toe, but it was pretty obvious what they were up to.
    We live in a high-rise and I don't worry so much about what people might see in our window...I'm more worried about what they might hear. **wink** Have a great weekend! - G

  10. OK, I'll admit it, I do look in but not to see the rabbit-like behavior. It's my inquisitive, scientific side, don't you know.

  11. LOL

    happy holiday beautiful

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  12. I can't help it. I look in windows too. Mostly, I see people watching TV.

  13. Blinds, curtains and fig leaves, they go together! :)

  14. Lol. C'mon, EVERYONE looks in windows. No shame on your part whatsoever. She should've been more aware.

    I'm curious to know how many OTHER people saw!!! :o)

  15. HAHAHAHA!!!!
    I ALWAYS look in windows and NEVER have my curtains open at night, for the fear that there is another ME out there!!!

  16. Man I look in windows all the time and I never have that luck! We should come over more and hang out in front of your apartment!

  17. You have no idea how much I would love seeing someone doing that AND having to face them the next day...can you say "straight face?"...yeah, me neither!

  18. Oh my was TOO FUNNY. I'm looking (actually, I'm squinting) at the photo...and I'm saying, "Honey, you've gotta go a little to the left" and that's exactly what you said on the next line.

    Great minds, honey. This was freakin' hilarious. You might want to just casually mention that sometimes it's in everyone's best interest to close those blinds...but of course, you can't look her in the eye when you say this.

    Maybe they were showing off a little bit: LOOK. WHAT. WE. CAN. DO! Hey, ya never know...

  19. OK, but what were they doing?!?! Redecorating? Wii? I *must* know.