Friday, September 17, 2010

Alternate Post - Same Pictures

After looking at the Hand Gestury 101: What NOT to Do post (pictures only), I've decided an alternate post is necessary using the same pictures. I feel as if the pictures also effectively communicate something important; namely, how to eat an imaginary sandwich. Let me be more specific (WARNING: I have an overactive imagination that can be perceived as razycaz):

I'm sitting at my desk thinking 'Hrrrmmmmmm.... I'm hungry. If only I had something around here to eat'  I say as I look around on the desk. 'Oooooo, look an imaginary sandwich! YAY' I think. 'Imaginary sandwiches are the best! No calories and no chance of spilling anything on myself! Jackpot!' I think giddily. I pick up the sandwich and slowly draw it towards my mouth (sandwich, remember it's a sandwich) and take a bite. 

Imaginary sandwich bite replay
Yummm! Surprisingly, it's my favorite (I don't know why it's a surprise, I am imagining it, so it should be my favorite)! I don't really like bread so I've decided "the sandwich" is actually a salad that I can eat with my hands and not get all over myself. So, it's really a saladwich.  
See how happy I am now that I have had a bite of my saladwich

When I get done eating my saladwich I remind myself why imaginary food is so great:

Look! I didn't even get anything on me! That's the beauty of imaginary food! Also, I have no regrets about calories, because there were none!

YEP! It's confirmed, I've officially lost it! :)

Any who, if you have any other ideas for alternate captions I'd love to hear them. If not, that's ok too! I'm just glad you stopped by. Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Look at them estrogen thumbs. I bet you've a 2nd toe bigger that your big toe.
    Hmmm, that grin is a bit ripe.

    You're not baking are you ?. That would certainly explain the grin.

  2. I love that "after the bite" expression!

  3. Vince: I actually took off my sock and my 2nd toe isn't bigger than my big toe. But my longer 4th finger definitely coincides with my social awkwardness sometimes. ;)

    BB: Thanks! Clearly, there's something wrong with me.

    Missed Periods: Love it! That or "you want some of this!"

    Dr. Heckle: hehehe! We're definitely on the same page on this one. :D