Thursday, June 23, 2011

Morning Beauty

I looked in the mirror today to be confronted with this:
I was really impressed with the mere height of it, the picture below shows that a bit better though (as creepy as I look in it). lol

If you're asking yourself if I decided to try a new hairstyle, the answer is no. I woke up like this, and I will tell you that I'm very familiar with crazy hair (I have naturally curly hair, so my hair can be classified as "crazy" 95% of the time), but I've never woken up with it looking quite like this before. Don't I look beautiful? Ok, don't answer that - I really don't want to know the answer. In any event, I felt like I needed to share how I looked with you all. A bit embarrassing? Maybe. But I'm ok with that (you all remember my Conversation with a Llama and My Halloween Costume idea posts, right?). Embarrassing myself is one of the things I do best, so why not laugh with you guys?

In other news, Binderclips and I have been packing for our next move (can't you tell by all the boxes in the background?). Yes, we did just move not too long ago, but now we're moving to an apartment in the same complex with NO STAIRS. Our current place has approximately 40 and going up and down 40 stairs with a baby just doesn't seem like the best way to go. So, they're letting us move into a lower unit with no stairs, thank goodness. Wish us luck on the packing! We got a lot done last weekend, but still have a lot to do this weekend.

I know you guys are probably getting sick of seeing these pictures, but why not bore you with some more? Below are my recent belly pictures. I'm 23 weeks today and my belly has blown up! Yesterday, I said to Binderclips "My belly is really getting big, isn't it?" He didn't respond at all (which is not uncommon, he's usually not really paying attention to me, especially right after work when he still has work on his mind). So, I said "Do you hear me? I'm trying to conversate with you..." To which he responded "Yeah, sorry. I want to conversate with you too" but then gave me a look like conversate meant something else (boys will be boys I guess). "I'm serious. Do you see this?" I said pointing to my belly "It's really starting to stick out there." In which he responded with "You really want to talk about this? 'Cause I don't think it's a good idea."

I did want to keep talking about it, but he did have a point. When we were taking a labor and delivery class a couple weeks back he made the mistake of telling me I looked as big as the lady who was 7 months pregnant. (In his defense he meant that she looked really small for being 7 months, so he didn't mean any harm by the comment. But, of course, I didn't take it that way at the time.)

Any who, I hope all is well with you guys out there! Later gators!


  1. Oh goodness you look nowhere near a 7 month pregnant woman! Your bellybutton hasn't even popped out yet (which my sis called her doorbell). You look fab and when you are 7 months pregnant, you can look back and laugh...or cry but hopefully laugh! ;)

  2. Someone can look like THAT at 7 months pregnant?? That is just craziness. You are the tiniest pregnant woman I've ever seen. I'm starting to wonder if that little papaya is hiding up in your ribs! Have any strangers asked you about your baby yet? Do you feel him/her moving around?

  3. love that hair! that happens to me too when I go to bed with wet hair.... and you are just adorable as ever! :)

  4. God, you look great pregnant. I never looked that good at 7 months. AND, there are ahelluva women out there that would LOVE to roll outta bed in the morning looking as good as you do. I'm just sayin'. You should be proud! :o)

  5. What a contrast. Six months knocked up and so tight she's looking like she's had a good feed. And then photos looking like a fight was had with the hair and the hair won. Or as we say here, 'looking like she'd been pulled through a bush backwards'.
    I'm still awaiting the day when it draws a dropkick at that bellyring and it goes flying into the next county.

  6. Its been awhile since I last visited - and well you have grown some,, smile, in a good way,that is.
    Your hair, Mmm you can add it to all the photos that you posted a while back with all your hair do's and name this one au'naturale, actually some women pay a lot of money to have their hair look that good.