Friday, June 3, 2011

Do I know you?

The other day I went to the kitchen to get something to eat because I was hungry. I picked up a bag of pumpkin seeds and saw a chocolate treat and decided to eat that. My intention was to take the pumpkin seeds back to my desk to eat them, however in the middle of eating my chocolate treat something happened....

...I totally forgot what I was doing... I mean - totally forgot. As I stood there (still eating the chocolate and holding the bag of pumpkin seeds) I wondered 'what am I doing here in the kitchen?' As I continued to eat my chocolate I started to think 'well, I am kind of hungry'. It was at that point that I realized that I had already gone through the thought process of 'I'm hungry, I should get something to eat from the kitchen' because:

1) I was already in the kitchen
2) I was already eating a chocolate
3) I already had a bag of pumpkin seeds in my hand that I was planning on eating

Also, on several occasions I've forgotten words in the middle of sentences. One day Binderclips and I were having a conversation about something (I forget what exactly - are you surprised?). Anyways, I could not remember what you call that thing that things are shipped in, you know that's made out of cardboard, that's square....what do you call those things again? 

Unfortunately I could not remember the word and Binderclips had to say "Are you talking about a box?". "YES!" I said enthusiastically "that's exactly what I'm talking about!" I felt relieved that the descriptions I had provided had helped him figure out what I was talking about. All he could say was "Really? You really could not remember the word 'box'?"

What I'm describing above is called 'mommy brain'. Did you guys know something like this existed or happened to pregnant woman? I didn't, that is, until it happened to me. I mean I had heard of it - and you know, I thought that it may have been some weird made up thing, but it is REAL. Let me explain why*:

The brain actually shrinks during pregnancy! Now, we don't lose brain sells or anything, but the brain does restructure itself as a pregnant woman's metabolism changes. The restructuring is primarily having to do with the connections between cells and is supposed to help mothers prepare for motherhood. Interestingly, the brain begins to again increase in size 1-2 weeks before birth! Weird, right? In the end, it ends up being stronger than it was before. YAY! 

In short, babies (in utero) are head (well, brain) shrinkers!! Maybe from now on they should call it "Mommy Brain aka Shrunken Brain Syndrome"?

Any who, I hope all is well with you guys! Wait, what? Oh pictures, you mean you want to see pictures? Oh ok, but only a few as I am starting to really show and become more self conscious. Here you go!

I'm 20 weeks and a day (that's 5 months and day) today! :)

Have a great weekend everyone! Later gators!

*This is the simplified explanation, there are said to be lots of other things that contribute to "mommy brain" also, just something to remember (if you can remember anything) ;)


  1. I read someplace it's to do with the fat sheathe surrounding the nerve being drawn upon. I remember that vegetarians have to be very careful for they aren't taking in sufficient fats in the course of their diet.
    Still, lovely photos

  2. Oh honey, Mommy Brain lasts for years. It's OK. I guess now would be a good time to bring up that $50.00 owe me.

  3. Call me "Kirk"June 3, 2011 at 5:12 PM

    Hopefully you can remember this, but seriously, you look great. Fortunately since I am posting this to your blog you can look back on it and remember. Though I suppose you could foget you have a blog. Crap. Maybe tatoo this to your arm?

  4. Vince: It does also have to do with the eFAs being sucked out of my brain for the baby...probably explains why my skin is soo freaking dry too. Don't I sound attractive? ;)

    BB: Great! (rolling eyes) So, it doesn't get better, eh? Also, the way I remember it YOU owe ME $50. Hehehehehe

    Kirk: Ooooo a tattoo - good idea. Binderclips will LOVE it. LOL Also, thanks but I've heard from others that I look more pregnant in person! :)

  5. I hope your Mommy Brain heals quickly.

    Luckily women have some brains to spare! We dads have to hold onto everything we've got.

  6. Crap! Either I am just losing it or I'm pregnant! The other day when my husband was playing online scrabble (that's sad enough, I know), I looked over as he put a "n" in place above an "o" and I said, "There is no such word as "Nahh" and then the stupidity of it hit me...although I hope I'm just losing it but you do look fabulous!