Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My How a Week Makes a Difference!

This Thursday will be 5.5 months for us! Where does all the time go?? Within the last week I have grown tremendously - just look at me!

Front view
You can barely see it in this one but my veiny-ness is in full force.  If you look closely you can see my veins  big time. Kinda gross, but this isn't uncommon while pregnant and they are sticking out all over my chest area also. I kind of have a blue tint to my skin because so many are visible (but please refrain from any smurf jokes). ;)

For some reason you can't see it as much in this picture, but I feel much much bigger than I was!

Now after seeing pictures of me, wouldn't you love to see pictures of the baby??!! Well, I try to never disappoint - so, here you go! (I've taken the liberty to add captions for what I believe the baby is saying in the pictures. I also should add that these pictures make me ridiculously happy, every time I look at them I can't help but smile.)

Are you talkin' to me?
Ok, ok, I get it you're talking to me....now stop shaking me all around, it tickles!
( I swear if you compare this picture to the one above it - it appears that the baby is smiling. Just look at those pushed up cheeks!)
What? Sorry, I'm very very busy in here...there's lots of thumb sucking to be done and you can bet I'll be the one to do it!

Oh yeah, that feels good - just stretching the legs a bit here. Man, do I wish I had a little more room, this space is kind of small! 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as we do! Later gators!


  1. Great u/s pictures, and I'm happy to see you're showing--you look wonderful! Did you find out the sex?

  2. The pictures are incredible and so cute despite being able to see a ribcage! Rock that belly and your baby life pumping veins! I have dreams about having a gloriously huge baby belly where as most people dream about flying, so enjoy the beauty of it!

  3. Love the pictures! What an exciting time in your life!!! Thanks for sharing the experience with us.

  4. Love all 5 of you....can't wait to see you guys. Love, Sheetal

  5. amazing! You are the skinniest pregnant woman I have ever seen!

  6. A drum ?, how the heck did you manage to get that in. I know it's good to start kids on music early but this is just going overboard.

    Well done btw.
    P.S. Toss that floral pattern whatever the f&^% it is you've got over the back of the chair. :)

  7. Yeah, you're growing. Must be doing something right!

  8. That's you almost six months pregnant; that's me after dinner. Not fair!