Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Literal Sausage Fest & More Belly Pictures

Let's just cut right to the chase, shall we? I kind of suck at posting and reading other blogs since I've gotten, I'm not making any excuses but I have felt pretty terrible. This baby is majorly kicking my arse.

Lately, I have gotten my energy back enough to go to the gym, however when I get back I am completely exhausted. (One day we came back and I fell asleep on the couch to wake just after 8:00am [you know, when I should be starting to work?] VERY confused. I had no idea where I was or what day it was.) Also, I do still have nausea (BOOOOO) and yesterday I felt ridiculously full even though I hadn't eaten that much. My friend put it this way "You feel like you've swallowed a watermelon, right?" And, that was EXACTLY how I felt.

Since I've posted last I've had another 29th birthday (this was my 5th one - do the math and you'll figure out how old I really am), which, was not as crazy as last year's birthday but was still  interesting. I was out of town on a business trip to Atlanta, GA and had a very stressful day. By the end of the day, my feet had swelled to 2-3 times their normal size. Seriously, they were unrecognizable (I called them my Miss Piggy Feet and Ankles). One of the nurses at the hospital I was working at took my blood pressure the next day and it was slightly elevated but I think the swelling was more so due to the heat (did I mention it was 90+ degrees there?), the stress, and the fact that I didn't drink nearly as much water as I usually do. The swelling eventually came down on Friday, but I literally had to lay down the entire day to get them back to normal.

Anyways, another thing that happened was that my co-worker (and someone who I consider to be a great friend) took me to a baseball game while in Atlanta! I love going to baseball games. I don't follow baseball that much now-a-days but I LOVE going to the games. It's one of my all time favorite past times. It was such a great time! (I also have a another blog I'm working on about everything having a "lame" theme during this trip - which, was very interesting and very much not lame. Only me folks, only me.)

When I got home Binderclips surprised me with Brewer's tickets also! So, I got to go to 2 games in 1 week - YAY!! However, unlike the Brave's game - the Brewer's game was a literal sausage fest. I'm not talking men everywhere (I mean there was that also, don't get me wrong), instead there were sausages EVERYWHERE. Sausage vendors, people dressed up in sausage costumes, statues of the people dressed up in sausage costumes, and posters of sausages everywhere you turned.

Also, I'm not sure I've mentioned this, but one of my recent facebook statuses was this:

ever since I got knocked up I've taken a strong disliking to sausages (take that any way you want to folks). ;)

I cannot eat them AT ALL. They make me gag. So, Binderclips thought that the sausages being everywhere at the game was hilarious (you could not even turn around without having a sausage in your face). He later said to me "Sorry the game was such a sausage fest." And it really was. Note to everyone: if you have an aversion to sausages do not (and I mean DO NOT) go to a Brewer's game.

Alright, well I guess that's it for now! I thought I'd leave you with some updated pictures of my growing belly. Enjoy!

First the clothed ones, you can see my growing bump more at this angle
Here's the view from the side, see not as obvious as the first picture?
Here's the front view.  Notice I'm wearing my "Wood is good shirt"?  Ironic, eh? 

Same angles as the pictures above, except now you can see my belly :) I will be 19 weeks tomorrow.

 I hope everyone has a great day today. Later gators! 


  1. Happy Birthday late!
    Look at your cute pregnant self. You look great. I think my thigh still weighs more than you.
    Sorry about the sausages, but that is pretty damn funny. What are the odds?

  2. Great to hear from you!!! You look great! How exciting!

  3. Girl, my belly looks like that and I am not pregnant! You look great!

  4. You look amazing! Have you already been shopping for maternity clothes? Looks like you don't need them just yet. :o)

  5. You do realize that 75% of the female pop' would like to throttle you. Four months on and looking like you've just had a biggish feed.
    And I'm uncertain ironic is the correct term for 'Wood being Good'.

  6. Happy Birthday! I love the last picture. It shows the growing belly. Take care.

  7. Good luck with all the physiological changes of pregnancy. Man, girls get to have all the fun.

    Don't hate on sausage, yo!

  8. You are the tiniest pregnant woman ever! You look great! The sausage comment was hysterical! Don't blame ya!