Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Invisible Doggie Teletransportation

Hello Everyone! I've been super duper busy with work lately, that's why I haven't been posting as often. Also, I joined Twitter and am trying to figure it out. As TB stated in one of her posts "Twitter Confuses Me", well and it apparently confuses me too.  Wish me luck with that, oh and if you are on Twitter, look a girl up, ya know?

Also, just so you know, in my next post I plan to explain the last picture in my last post as well as provide some others (believe me, you won't want to miss them). Anywho, I thought I'd share a recent conversation between Binderclips and I with you. It went a little like this:

Binderclips calls me from work...

Hulabuns: Hi Monkeypantalones!

Binderclips: Hi Ape. How's it going?

Hulabuns: Good. What's up?

Binderclips: Is one of the dogs chewing on your headset microphone?

Hulabuns: I look at the dogs, I can see them playing in the living room (roughly 20 feet away). Then say "Yep, one of them used the new doggie teletransport device that we have. However, I'm not sure which one because prior to using it they used the invisible doggie dust."

Binderclips: Do you think we should get some ice cream to eat for tonight?

Hulabuns: Really? So, you're not even going to respond? Did you even hear what I said?

Binderclips: Yeah, something about doggie teletransportation.

Hulabuns: You forgot about the invisible doggie dust.

Binderclips: No I didn't, I was just wondering how either of the dogs found it if it's invisible?

Hulabuns: I sit in silence thinking 'Man, he's getting better at this game than I thought'

Binderclips: "Wait. So, have you lost one of the dogs?" he says in a serious and worried tone.

Hulabuns: Probably

Binderclips: "Seriously, did you lose a dog?" he says with urgency

Hulabuns: "I'm not really sure, seeing how they got a hold of the invisible doggie dust" I say. Then follow it up with "It makes them invisible, you know?"

Dogs start barking at some noise outside.

Binderclips: "I can hear them both, thank goodness" he says relieved.

One more thing, I changed the comments so that I have to approve them before they are visible. I did this  so that friends that are following won't accidentally leave our real names in their comments. Just thought I'd let you know.

Later Gators!


  1. Oh I cannot be bothered with twitter. And while I'm on FB, I'm not over worried about that either. My-Space came and went without the concept entering Vincent's noggin at all. They are just to bloody nosey.
    I far prefer to read about nutty yanks with invisible dust eating dog blogs.
    But there is only one type of blog that freaks me out, the mommy blog. At first I thought that those writers were actually very good at fiction. But the reality is that they actually are putting photos of their kids on line, when I'm a bit leery of invading the privacy of my hound with a camera.
    Your guys seem to have much the same attitude. Ears pricked in case there is a treat in the offing. But as they see you with the camera they really can't be arsed to shift themselves.

  2. He has a point...how did they find it if it was invisible? Your dogs are smart. ;)

    Did you change the comments because you saw mine from my sister in law the other day? It was sitting there all day before I noticed it! I guess I should change mine too.

    I added you on Twitter! This is very good, especially since I'm not on Facebook right now and all.

  3. Haha! I love your midday work banter. Very clever duo you two are. - G

  4. Vince: I just felt like I needed to try Twitter out. So far, my favorite thing about it is getting all the science news updates. I never realized what a science nerd I was until now. I think I'm following every major science news source that is out there. lol Yeah my pups are not big fans of getting their photos taken either, but I would say they are very photogenic (I may be slightly biased though). ;)

    TB: Hehehehe! They sure are! ;) I changed them because there have been several times that people have left our names on here, I just delete them super fast in my ninja-like fashion. Woot woot! I'm likin Twitter too! :)

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I've just opened a twitter a/c. It will take me a week to get over this blinding headache.

  6. You mean your real name is not Monkeypantalones?

  7. I meant to compliment you on the shine in the dogs coat.

  8. Ok, I feel like Georgina, Vince and Missed Periods should know that just today I got your comments to approve. WHAT ON EARTH?! Blogger and I are going to fight. Grrrrrrr

    Georgina: Thank you! We are odd, I am aware of that, but thank you again. :)

    Vince: It's fun though, right? You getting used to it yet? Also, thanks for the compliment on the pups! They love them some almond oil! :)

    Missed Periods: No, but it should be :D

  9. Let's call me "Kirk"November 14, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Posts like this are my favorite! It's like being a fly on the wall.