Sunday, November 7, 2010

Damn! That's a Nice Dam

As I've been promising for a while now, here are the pictures from our tour of the Hoover Dam! I believe at the end of the pictures you will be saying "Damn! That's a nice dam!" So, prepare yourselves for it folks!

Picture from the helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, we got to fly over the Dam on our way in.

Another helicopter view, however this time it includes the new bridge  - the Colorado River Bridge. The bridge officially opened on 10/19/2010 - so shortly after we left the Vegas area.

These are the 4 intake towers that draw in water from the river to create energy. The 2 intake towers in the back of the picture are located in Nevada and the 2 in the front are located in Arizona.

Power plant what!? Yep, this is the power plant IN the Hoover Dam.  There are 6-7 generators that generate energy based on the flow into the intake towers.

Colorado Bridge view from on top of the Hoover Dam.
Want to know what I'm doing in the below picture*? Come back in a couple of days, I have plenty more pictures where this photo came from! ;)

Later gators!!

*BTW, I do know that this is a TERRIBLE picture of me...but, I also know that you all will appreciate it. I do this stuff only for you folks. ;)


  1. I'll bet Binderclips hates that you posted that last photo!

    I've gotta say, I've never understood the lure of the Hoover Dam tour. I know it's a marvel of modern architecture and it pumps a stupid amount of water through it and people rely on it and blah blah blah, but in the end, it's still just a big piece of concrete to me. Meh.

  2. Pretty amazing helicopter ride you went on. Oh the last picture wasn't too bad , I must say you sure can leap like a dancer.


  3. The last picture was definitely my favourite.

  4. TB: Yeah, he was not a fan to say the least. :) I will say that I really enjoyed going into the Dam and seeing it up close was pretty darn cool, however at first I had the same perspective as you.

    Joanny: Yes, it was well worth the cost and I would definitely recommend it. About the last picture, only in my dreams am I as graceful as a dancer. :) But thank you.

    Cathy: Thank you! Then you will love my next post!

  5. We were there when they were building the bridge, so it's cool to see it completed!

    No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

  6. What I find amasing is they built the thing at all. They did not have AC back then.

    And those Jeans are very long on you. Playing dress-up were ya.

    And that jumping about is the result of pure total and absolute boredom. The next move is hacking your way out with a bloody nail-file.

  7. Gotta love a girl who substitutes her dignity for a few laughs! Me and you, we have a lot in common!
    And just so I don't disappoint: damn that was a nice damn!

  8. BB: I know! I wish we could've driven over it. I guess there's always next time! How about off the bed? Can monkeys jump off of the bed? ;)

    Vince: I know! The thing is massive...the thing that's cool to me is how they built the diversion tunnels to divert the Colorado River. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me! Sadly, I'm kind of a shorty (Binderclips' words not mine) so almost all jeans are long on me. So, I guess I'm always kind of playing dress up. ;)

    Anonymous: Thanks!

    Sandra: You are my kind of peeps! I just knew you would say that! ;)

    Nick: Not another dam joke LOL Gotta love dam humor!

  9. I love that part of the country, in the winter there are many great hikes downstream from the dam (in Black Canyon), some of which end up at hot springs along the river.

  10. Sage: I would love to hike in that area! Maybe I should put that on my list for next time. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment! :)