Monday, June 14, 2010

Tires that Have to be Run Flat!!??

Let me preface this with, if you don't like rap music, you may not think you will be a fan of this post AT FIRST, until you "get all up in it's grill" (or in other words, read it). However, that being said, I have to tell you that (and this might come as a huge shocker) - I love to laugh. Yeah it's true, I do, I know it's hard to believe.... and most of the rap songs I like make me laugh A LOT. Especially, if they result in confusing conversations between Binderclips and myself, like this one does.

While writing this post I found the song online and listened to it continuously and laughed the entire time. Here are some of my favorite lyrics from it (the larger text in red, green and blue is what you will want to pay attention to):

1)Have you ever seen the crocodile seats in the truck ?
Turn around and sit it down and let em' bite ya butt

See, the steering wheel is Fendi, dashboard Armani,
With Your baby momma playa is where u can find me
Pushing through the parking lot on 24's Cadillac Escalade with the chromed out nose
With the navigation arrow headed straight to your spot
Where your wife really love me cause the sex is so hot

2) Put the Caddy up, Start the 3 wheel Benz
Hyper white lights, ultra violet lens
Sumitomo tires and they gotta be run flat

3) T.V. where the horn go, boy can you top that ?
I'ma show you some shit rookie press that button
The trunk went Eh-eh and all of a sudden
4 15's didn't see no wire's, and then I heard boom from the amplifiers

1) My question is: How can you not find this funny? Seriously, it's some cleaver stuff. While I totally disagree with animals being harmed in any way, I am a big fan of the crocodile seats biting gangsta (or any one else's who dare skin them) butts.

2) This is the part that resulted in SEVERAL very confusing conversations between Binderslips and myself. I'll get more into it in a minute, but think about it: Tires that have to be "run flat", it's confusing, right?

3) I'm a big fan of any horn that says "boy can you top that?" and I think you should be too.

Some of the other lyrics I totally ignore every time I hear the song, so just keep that in mind and try to do the same where you find them offensive. 

Anyways, moving right along....

Every time we were in the car and I heard this song - the following conversation between Binderclips and I would ensue:

HulaBuns: Why would you EVER want to have tires that were run flat? I just don't get it.

Binderclips: "Oh, we're doing this again are we" he would say giving me the stink eye.

HulaBuns: "Not sure what that means" I would say giving him the stink eye back, then continue with "do you think it means that they drive around so much that they eventually are run flat? Or that they have to drive around so much that they are run flat?" Then I would start to sing it to try to figure it out "...and they gotta be run flat" I would sing in full out gangsta mode.

Binderclips: I'm pretty sure we've gone over this already...

HulaBuns: I would ignore him completely and say "maybe they're just confused and meant to say "and they gotta be run on Sat" like Saturday?" 

Binderclips: "Really?! Do I really have to tell you AGAIN why it makes perfect sense?" he would say as he looked at me (still in gangsta mode doing a gangsta head bob and throwing up peace signs).

HulaBuns: I continue to sing "....Sumo Toomo tires and they gotta be run flat" in my own gangsta world. I would follow it up with "Do you think Sumo Toomo is a famous sumo wrestler or something that has his own brand of tires?" then I would imagine Binderclips and I in those sumo wrestling costumes sumo-wrestling it up. He would look a lot like this:

And I would look a lot like this:

Binderclips: Sumitomo is the brand and Run Flat are the type of tires. They are saying they have to be that brand and type and YOU KNOW THIS because I HAVE TOLD YOU A MILLION TIMES!

HulaBuns: I would laugh and not respond and by that time the song usually would end.

What I will tell you is that, he's right, I really did know what they were (but only after he explained it to me, I genuinely was confused the first few times I heard the song), it was just soo fun to irritate Binderclips with acting like I was confused. Hehehehehe :)


  1. I just realized I misread the horn line, but I like it better how I heard it - so, I'm sticking to my original interpretation. So there! ;)

  2. Several points:
    - I was going to call you out about the horn line, but you beat me to it.
    - You totally would look like the picture you selected.
    - I can see Steve getting really frustrated about the run flats, since I was getting a little frustrated just reading this (since I know what they are and don't see how you could misinterpret them the way you did.

  3. I've always wanted to wrestle in those Sumo costumes. You two look good in them! :)

  4. I wish my husband and I could have such in-depth conversations! Deep!!

  5. I'm still wondering where the cleaver comes into play....I'm sure you meant clever ;) As I picture you running around with a meat cleaver doing your gansta impression in your sumo costume.

    1.) My question is: How can you not find this funny? Seriously, it's some cleaver stuff.

  6. I know I'm ridiculous and I'm ashamed to say that a lot (I mean, A LOT) of our conversations are this "deep'....but I guess it's what keeps things interesting between us!

    Mel - nice call. I totally didn't even notice the typo. Thanks for pointing it out. LOL