Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day Mixup

Earlier this week Binderclips and I sent out some books as gifts to both of our fathers for Father's Day. I wrapped the books and we took them to FedEx to be shipped off. Well, I should tell you that we got a book for Binderclips' Dad that was a Gardening book and the book for my Dad that was a Beginner's Guide to Drawing and Painting (it was the larger of the 2 books). Binderclips' Dad likes to garden and my Dad likes to draw and paint - so we thought they were fitting gifts.

Anyways, after wrapping the books I put the appropriate cards on top of them and we headed to FedEx. I filled out the shipping information while Binderclips switched the books around because he "knew the larger book went to his Dad" (a detail I would learn later). Somehow I missed this detail completely and off the books went.

So, when I called my Dad to see if he liked his book I was surprised to hear him say that he "loved his gardening book" - and to make matters worse, he doesn't even have a garden!! 'What on Earth!?' I thought, I really thought I had the right card with the right book. After I explained to him that he received the wrong book, he didn't care. He had became very fond of the gardening book, which, wasn't that surprising since he had a huge garden on a farm we had in Northern MI at one point. I told him that I was glad he liked it and decided it was best for him to keep it.

However, after I got off the phone with my Dad I called Binderclips at work immediately to tell him of the mix up, which, I was still baffled by. We talked through our actions the day we sent the packages out and that's when Binderclips said "I just knew the larger book was supposed to go to my Dad".  "Ummmmm, big fat No on that one" I said then explained to him that the larger book was my Dad's book.

So, his Dad got a drawing and painting book and doesn't even like to draw or paint (as far as I know anyways). Although, he's thinking about if he wants to keep it anyways. Thank goodness we sent them mugs with a picture of Turner and Callie on them also and they both seemed to like them.

I'd like to present you with a couple of lessons learned from this experience:

Lesson to me: Double check EVERYTHING Binderclips touches. What he "knows" to be true and what is actually true are usually 2 different things entirely.

Lesson to Binderclips: DO NOT double check ANYTHING HulaBuns touches unless you want to fight her (and lose because she is so ninja-riffic*).

Any who, Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! I hope you get your gift and not someone else's!

*Ninja-riffic - means a terrific ninja


  1. Hey! Who knows? Maybe you've stirred up different interests in each man!

  2. I was gonna say what Betty said: you gave your dads new hobbies for Father's Day! That's kind of awesome, if you think about it. :)

  3. Honestly, I think we did stir up different interests in them! Maybe I'll do this sort of thing on purpose in the future. :)

  4. Dad spent his entire career drawing assembly lines - I think getting back into it in an artsy fashion is not such a bad idea - I'll have to encourage him when we're there next month.