Monday, June 7, 2010

She's Got a Leak

This is a story that goes waaaay back. When my brother and I were little we were, well for lack of a better term, LOUD. He had perfected noise making and I had perfected yelling at him to stop making noises. He liked to play with cars and make LOTS and LOTS of car noises as well as gun and bomb noises. This is usually how it went down:

My Bro: Vrrrrrrrrrroooooooomm, bang, bang bang. Scrrrrreeeeech, pow, pow, pow....

HulaBuns: STOP IT!! Do you HAVE to be soooo LOUD??!!

My Bro: drops a bomb on me then makes exploding noises

HulaBuns: OMG, MOM he's TORTURING ME! Please make him STOP!

My Mom: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, both of you!

This is where my brother and I could always meet in the middle and drive my Mom insane. If there was one thing we agreed on it was that when Mom made the "Shhhhhhhhh" noise it was OUR turn to terrorize HER.

My Bro: Uh oh, I've heard that sound before....

HulaBuns: Yep, me too. THIS IS NOT GOOD!

My Bro: Mom listen to me VERY carefully. You have an air leak somewhere and we need to find it.

HulaBuns: "Try doing this" I would say as I put a finger over my left nostril. "It sounds as though it's coming from around that area" I would say making a swirly motion around her face with my finger.

My Bro: Everyone just stay calm. Although I think I still hear something....

HulaBuns: "Me too. Mom, we've got a very serious situation here. Try doing this" I say with my right index finger over my right nostril and my left index finger over my left nostril.

We never seemed to convince her to do anything we suggested, however eventually made the suggestion to cover her ears with both of her hands. She actually would do this and I think it was because it blocked the noise coming from us out (ever so slightly) and usually helped our cause.

How bout you? Did you have any crazy antics that drove either your siblings or parents crazy? This was (by far) one of my favorites from my childhood.

As a follow up to this I plan to discuss Run Flat tires and a very confusing conversation Binderclips and I had about them. Look for that post coming soon! :)


  1. This is one of the best arguments I've read for only having one child. Thanks for the reminder! ;)

    I don't think my sisters and I did anything to particularly annoy my parents, but together they terrorized me. One time, they put a roller skate in my pillowcase and somehow convinced me to bang my head on it. They thought it was hilarious, nearly giving me a concussion. Good times!

  2. I still don't believe my "Alvin and the Chipmunks" Christmas album got "lost." I played it over and over and over again. It was a classic and then, one day--gone!

    Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower!! I am enjoying your blog!