Thursday, June 3, 2010

Preparation P

This evening I was talking to one of my BFFs on the phone, who, I have given the nickname 'Monkey Pirate' or 'MP' for short for this post. I MAY also call her 'Monkey' on a normal basis. In fact, it all started when I left her a voice mail one day 2-3 years ago saying "Hey Monkey, how you be? Call me" or something along those lines. She returned my call and since I was unable to answer left me a voice mail stating "I am not a monkey. I'm a homosapien. If you would like to talk to a homosapien, give me a call back." Even though she left the voice mail a couple years ago I save it religiously when prompted and will NEVER erase it.

Anyways, MP is originally from Mumbai (aka Bombay), India - however, currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Lately, she has been preparing for her parents to visit her in the US for the first time ever this year (she's been here since 2003), they are visiting in July (I have given her preparation for their visit the name "Preparation P", just FYI).

So, we planned a trip for me to go to Los Angeles and meet her parents in August (we both figured it was about time they meet the "crazy American girl" who sneakily weaseled her way into their daughter's life just 7 years ago).

While talking to MP about her parents' visit I asked if they were excited to visit the US and if they "were prepared for some of this?" (picture me pointing at me while saying it). Her response was "my Mom will be excited to cook for you and my Dad will be wondering if you can touch your toes?"

"Tell your Mom that I'm excited to eat her yummy Indian food and tell your Dad....wait, touch my toes? What on Earth??!!" I said. After a brief discussion/reminder that her Dad teaches yoga and asks everyone if they can touch (read: demonstrate that they can touch) their toes the conversation moved forward. While we went on to discuss our weekend plans I found myself distracted with wondering if I could touch my toes. I thought 'I'm pretty sure I can. I do - do yoga. I mean I stretch after I run and everything' then I realized I totally was not paying attention to the conversation at all. I jumped right back into the conversation to hear her saying something about a kayak. "No way. You are not doing that again. It really stresses me out." I said. What?! She can't even swim, she SHOULD NOT be kayaking in the OCEAN!!! She responded with "They canceled it due to low attendance anyways". "Oh thank goodness" I said. It was at this point I told her that I was distracted with if I could touch my toes and had to literally stop myself from getting up and touching (or lord help me, trying to touch) my toes. We both laughed.

To answer your question, yes, I can, in fact, touch my toes. As soon as I hung up with her I gave it a try and was successful. However, as I wrote this post I got up and made sure I could still touch them several times. So, tell me this - can you touch your toes?