Thursday, August 2, 2012

Conversations with a Llama and Stuff

I'm feeling a little down today. Sigh. I have a sinus infection and had to call the medical examiner today  (I've had to do this a lot actually) about my Mom. I can tell you the 2 combined do not make a good combination. After I got off the phone I cried and cried and continue to do so randomly today. A lady on TV was talking about crying herself and that alone set me off, which is kind of funny but sad at the same time. Wish me luck with the waterworks, I'm hoping they stop soon.

Any who, the below cheered me up a bit and so I thought I'd repost it. I hope, if you are also having a bad day, it cheers you up as well. Later gators.

Originally posted 10/7/2010

This is me and my llama friend "Larry". Don't we look good? Actually, I think that Larry the Llama was having a better hair day than I was - now that I'm looking at the pictures. Grrrrrrr

After hanging out for a bit, just looking cool (as evidenced by the picture above). It was at this point that Larry the Llama decided to tell me a secret.

HulaBuns: What? What's that you say Larry the Llama?

Larry the Llama: "I'm so glad you are not wearing a wool sweater" he says in a French accent. But it sounds like "Imsoovladyoooarrrvnotvwearingavwoolsveatair."

HulaBuns: *blushing* (It's hard not to blush when you are being spoken to in a French accent) "Oh, Llama. I would never wear wool in front of you." Put off by the French accent I ask "Are you from France?"

Larry the Llama: "You look fabulous. Has anyone told you that today?" he says, again in French accent, eyeing Binderclips as if he's done something wrong. Then responds with "But of course I am from France. Well, the Canadian France. So Canada actually." But is sounds like "ButfcourseImfrooomfrancious. WellvecanAdiennefrancious. SocanAdianneaktoooalleeee."

HulaBuns: "Oh, you silly Llama"  I say again, blushing.

Larry the Llama: "May I lick your face?" he says but it sounds like "MayIvleeekurrrfaaaas?"

HulaBuns: Ummm. No. And I'm watching you Larry the Llama, so don't even try it. And just so you know we don't do that kind of thing in these parts. Face licking is only preferred by a select few and I am not one of those who likes that sort of thing. Unless, I have sugar on my face, but that's a whole nother story.

Unfortunately, for Larry the Llama, I had to leave shortly after. However, I couldn't resist sharing the pictures and story (ummm, of course I didn't make any of it up) with you all. I hope you like it!

Have a great day everyone! Later gators!

Some llama facts: Llamas are the one of the oldest domesticated animals of the world. They have deer-like poop and usually have a communal area where the herd poops. Removal of wool is not harmful to the llamas if done properly.


  1. I remember this post. Makes me smile, still. :)


    1. Thanks Teri. Me too. It definitely cheered me up a little. :)

  2. This morning Jessy was about 100yds from me and intent on going into a place I didn't want her to go. I whistled. I called. I whistled at a higher pitch 'the get your little arse over here now' whistle. But nothing. She stopped. And she looked at me. But since I was too far away to fully enforce with my eyes she wasn't for budging.
    Recently I put my keys on a thin climbers shackle as it is easier on the pocket. These I had in my hand. I don't know what made me rattle the keys, but I did. It was like the hound had been stung with a cattle prod so quickly she returned, to dash to the rear of the car where she expected to jump in.
    Now I've never ever done that with the keys. So how did the little brat make the connection.

    1. Geeze! I'm glad that worked. Has she ever run off on you before where you couldn't get her to come back easily?

      Maybe she really just knew you meant business when you rattled them? Either way I am really gad she came back!

    2. No never when she could hear me. And here she didn't so much go off as question. And that she does regularly enough. I reckon she was a lawyer in one of her past lives. But basically it because when we walk I allow her relatively free rein as long as I can see where she is.

  3. I read NBC are seriously dicking with you on the Olympic transmission where you have results long before transmission on the telly.
    We have 24 channels devoted to the Olympics. It's like a blizzard of sport.

    1. Yes, they are "dicking" with us (FYI, that term made me laugh, so thanks for that). They try not to announce who the winners are and just show pictures on TV...they tell you before they are going to show them also, so you can look away but sometimes you accidentally look! Also, it's more like people on the radio and out in public that ruin it "I'm so glad so and so won..." you hear a lot while out. It's almost like you have to wear ear plugs where ever you go or just walk around with your fingers in your ears saying "la, la, la, la..." to block out hearing it.

  4. I wish someone would look at me the way Larry the Llama is looking at you!