Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sexting Hulabuns and Binderclips Style

This picture is from the Madison Farmer's Market. They have it on the capital building grounds. Lots of vendors and people show up - we attended and thought it was a great time.

Sometimes you sext on purpose and sometimes you don't - either way, the person you're sexting doesn't need to know the truth. Case and point:

Binderclips is on his way home from work, so he lets me know via text.

Binderclips: On my way home!

Hulabuns: Goolove you

On my old phone it was kind of hard to text (think non-smart phone), so if I messed up while typing a text (especially one that was going to Binderclips) I would just send it anyway (who am I kidding? I still do this with my smart phone especially when the dictation function messes up - I think it's hilarious). In this case, I was trying to type "Good love you"- but it ended up running together somehow.

Binderclips: Goolove??

While I'm trying to formulate a response I get another text...

Binderclips: Wait. Are you sexting me??

There could be no other response than....

Hulabuns: Yes, definitely

Binderclips' response back: Well then, goolove you back {wink wink}

That was the end of it, but if you ever see "goolove" show up in a text from Binderclips or me - you can take it as a sext apparently.

In other texting news, Binderclips showed me where to find the emoticons on my phone for texting. Needless to say, Binderclips was the lucky recipient of many poop piles amongst other strange emoticons from me soon after. I'm certain now he's sorry he showed me where they were. I even found a emoticon that perfectly expresses that I'm pumping milk and am can guess which one that is.

I hope all is well out there! Later gators!


  1. Goolove? That's possibly the least sexy sext I've ever seen! Prepare for a deluge of freaks finding you through Google now. ;)

    1. Well that's where you (and me) and Binderclips differ I guess. lol

      I thought about the freaks finding me but I figure as soon as they read the blog (if they even get that far) they will decide to go elsewhere with their freakiness. :)

  2. Weeeeeeeeeirdoooooooooooooo. :-D . plural.

    Not having a main squeeze, I'm not au fait with the sexting. I will say it certainly has to be a cheaper method than phoning. Last time I was phoning cost me a fortune.

    I looked up the iphone faces. None leaped out. FYI, when I read it first time I said to me self. 'What the frack - not the word- is she sending milk through the coffee basket for. Doesn't she know how to use the steam'

    1. LOL, oh no I think singular is just fine as it pertains only to Binderclips I'm assuming. ;)

      Good point, it is cheaper for sure! I will have to see if I can post the emoticon at some point...when you see it you'll understand I'm sure. As for the milk, I'm glad you took it that way at first, I'm a big fan of totally confusing you even if it's momentarily.

  3. I may have to use that one and see if Branden catches on...goolove...sounds slightly icky... ;)

    1. Please do! I think guys minds go there right away...believe me I didn't think it was sexy at all, sounds icky to me too. :D

    2. Yeah right, icky boys eh. And you gals are all sugar and spice an'all things nice. Propaganda, pure propaganda and the vilest calumny. :-D :-D :-D
      And what's more, you dreamt it up and somehow you've shifted it on the fellas AND made it icky. I don't know if it's brilliant or in that realm where you blame someone for cheating in YOUR dream.

    3. We definitely are sugar and spice and everything nice! :)

      And brilliant gets my vote... :-P

  4. Lol. Well, at least you haven't accidentally sexted to your boss's boss's phone. I have, and it is quite mortifying indeed. :o(

    1. NO.

      OMG, what on earth?! You have to share that story! Sounds mortifying and hilarious at the same time! Lol