Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I Might Be Growing a Penis...

....or an extra vagina. At this point we're really not sure what it is, honestly. So, I have a growth, you see. Wait, maybe I should back up a little bit here...

You know when I went on that cruise back in February? Well, while I shared a very embarrassing story where 4 people embarrassed themselves at once, I kind of left out something else that happened. I think I shared that on the second day of the cruise we stopped in Freeport and went snorkeling and kayaking, didn't I? Well, if I didn't tell you before, I'm telling you now. The couple we went with and I had a great time doing these things, but Binderclips - not so much. He kind of hates water, so much so that when he gets into it, his main goal is to get out of it ASAP. Needless to say, he did not snorkel for very long (maybe 2 minutes max) and the picture of us kayaking is the only time he stopped paddling, otherwise he was full speed ahead in making it to land.

While snorkeling my foot touched some of the poisonous coral and that's where the growth came from. Errr, I mean, that's not right either. I think this growth is giving me memory loss...
So, where was I? Oh yeah, the second day we went to Nassau and went on a Pirates of Nassau and Historical Tour where I was attacked by a Pirate. No joke, check out the picture below.

On the third day, the cruise ship travelled back to Port Canaveral and so we were at sea all day. So, what did we decide to do? Spend the entire day in the hot tub or lounging in the sun, that's what! In doing so, we ran into the couple we had been having our formal dinner with every night...you know, the one we all embarrassed ourselves in front of on the first night? By the end of the cruise we had made great friends with them. They decided to hang out with us, which was awesome because they were a blast to hang out with.

Anyways, they decided to share some exciting news with us...they had went to take a pregnancy test in the Medical Center on the cruise ship and they were expecting!!!!! She went onto describe that the lady in the Medical Center had given her the test that was clearly positive because it had 2 lines on it.

We were all sooo excited for them but I began to think to myself 'My Aunt Dot is late, maybe I should just go take a test...' but (and this is a big BUT) I'm always late - I mean ALWAYS. At this point I was a week late, in the past I had been up to 10-15 days late. Also, I cannot even tell you how many pregnancy tests I had taken up to this point. Because I have endometriosis it's not uncommon for Aunt Dot to be late. Additionally, Binderclips and I were told that we could not conceive on our own - in fact, we had tried fertility drugs with no success. Our next step was to either do IUI or IVF per our doctor (I had already taken the class to learn how to give myself shots and everything).

So I ask Nancy "Will you go down to the Medical Center with me?" I continue by saying "It's going to be negative, it's ALWAYS negative." When she said yes we decided to head on down for a quick test.

So, I peed in a cup and we waited. Then finally the lady came out and showed me the test. She leaned over the counter and while holding it in paper towel like it was a baby bird or something, I looked over at it.

To my surprise, there were 2 lines. In my head I said 'there are 2 lines', well at least I thought I said it in my head, until the lady looked at me and said "Yep, there are 2 lines." In shock I said "That means positive" frantically to her...at this point, Nancy pointed out to me later that the lady was looking at me trying to figure out if it being positive was good or bad...She responded with "Yes" in a scared type of tone. That's when I lost it, I mean I lost it people, I started crying hysterically and so did Nancy.

After explaining that the hubs and I were told we couldn't conceive on our own and we had been trying for about a year at that point, she started crying too. We honestly thought we wouldn't be able to do it on our own, so you can imagine how surprised I was.

So, you see, I do kind of have a growth and it could have either a penis or a vagina. We'll find out around 20 weeks what we're having. We are very excited and I couldn't help but share this story with you all. Hopefully you guys can cut me some slack from not posting that much, I have been really sick. Whoever decided to call it morning sickness is an evil person....morning sickness many times lasts all day/night and it has for me. In fact, I've lost some weight during the 1st trimester, but they say it isn't that uncommon and that I'll start to put on weight soon enough. Baby Binderbuns (as my friend likes to call it) is set to arrive on (or around) October 20!

Any who, I hope this story brightens your day, it sure brightened ours! Later gators!


  1. Bah! I'm crying again! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you both--that is one lucky baby! :)

  2. What a neat way to find out you were pregers! So much better than sitting at home alone and peeing on a stick. You had a cheerleader with you. You both found out around the same time you were pregnant. I'm just so darn pleased for you both.

  3. congrats!!

    Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  4. Aww, that's a beautiful story - congratulations to you both :-)

    PS You do know those cute baby things grow up into hormonal, beer-guzzling teenagers, right?

    Just askin'.... ;-)

  5. Bernie posted your link on facebook and I had to come and read. I don't even know you and I almost started crying reading this!!!

    Congratulations :D

  6. Whooooooooooo!!!!!! Very cool!!!!!! Honey, I have "morning" sickness stories we can swap if it makes you feel better. I am so happy for you!

  7. CONGRATULATIONS... you really confused me there with the first few paragraphs but once we got around to the pregnancy test I got really excited for you!! hooray baby binderbuns!

  8. Ta da!

    Best of luck. I'm glad it worked out.

    Admit it: half the fun is in the trying.

  9. Congrats! What a fun way to tell your story :) I found you on Bernie's blog (One Mixed Bag).

  10. I love how you shared your story! How amazing that it all happened naturally and probably at just the right time :)