Monday, March 14, 2011

Cruisin' & Confusin'

How IS everyone out there? I've really missed you guys!! I cannot wait to get all caught up on your blogs!

Since we got home from the cruise I haven't felt that well, that's why I haven't posted. I'm still feeling a bit under the weather, however I'm hoping I'll start to feel better soon. Anyways, something happened on the cruise that I MUST share with you guys. I'm sure you noticed the title to this blog: "Cruisin' & Confusin'"....well, that is exactly what we did, like it was our j. o. b. This is how it happened:

First I should mention that Binderclips and I took this cruise with another couple who are some of our best friends - Nancy and Kurt. Any who, on the very first day of the cruise we all decided to do some much needed "hot-tubbing". So, we headed to the adult deck and found a hot tub that had some people in it, but not many, so decided to hop in.

Little did we know that there was a reason there weren't many people in the hot tub - one of the guys in it was pretty intoxicated. He was sharing his name, his room and other personal information with all of us and that's when we decided he was not going to know who we were or what rooms we were in. So, we made sure not to mention any of our information to him. Eventually, it was time for dinner (we were scheduled to attend the formal dinner every night at 8:15), so we all got out and left the man in the hot tub.

After all of us got ready for dinner we started walking up to the formal dinner deck. On our way we decided that if there was anyone else at our table, we'd use fake names, just in case they were crazy like the guy in the hot tub earlier. We decided that Binderclips was going to be Allen, I was going to be Sandy, and our friends were going to be Kara (aka Nancy*) and Kirk (aka Kurt*).

When we got to our table there was another couple sitting at it already. I thought 'Fake names coming at ya' to myself about what was about to go down. We sat down, the couple introduced themselves to us and that's when we decided to introduce ourselves...We should've known it was going to go downhill from there because of how it started out:

Nancy (who was going by the name of Kara) decided to introduce us all, however when she got to me we looked at each other for a brief moment then simultaneously looked at the couple and said:

"This is Crista" and the same time I started to say "I'm Sa..." The couple across the table looked at us in confusion for a moment, however Nancy continued on and introduced Allen (aka Binderclips) to them and that snapped them out of her confusion momentarily.

Not too long after that I noticed Nancy giving me funny looks. I had no clue why though, I tried to mouth to her "Is there something in my teeth?" but she just shook her head at me. Finally, Kurt leaned over to me and whispered "we all keep using our real names an accident". 'That must be why the lady across the table also kept giving me funny and confused looks' I thought. 'We can turn this around, we just have to use the fake names from here on out' I thought, then told Binderclips what was happening to remind him to use the fake names instead of our real names.

Immediately after that, the waiter came up to our table and asked Binderclips "Are you Mr. Binderclips?**"

The couple looks at us, obviously confused.
We look at them thinking '$hit, $hit, $hit! Now our cover is really blown!'

Because he has no other choice - Binderclips responds with "yes" in a somewhat defeated tone.
The couple looks at us even more confused than ever.

The waiter proceeds to wish Binderclips and I a "Happy Anniversary!" (It totally was NOT our anniversary.)
Confused, we look at Nancy and Kurt wondering if they did this.
Nancy and Kurt look at us with confused looks on their faces thinking 'Crap, we missed their anniversary!' Then, 'Wait, it's not their anniversary!'
The couple across the table continue to stare at us with confused looks on their faces.
We all sit genuinely confused, just looking at each other as the waiter brings cake for Binderclips and I. We look at Kurt and Nancy, they look at us, and the couple across the table continues looking at all of us with, what is becoming a very familiar confused look on their faces.

After the waiter left we explained that the names we gave them were not our real names and proceeded to tell them why we gave them fake names. Thank goodness the couple had a great sense of humor and found it funny also. We actually made friends with the couple and hung out with them during the cruise.

Anyways, the lesson is that you should never lie (well unless it's absolutely necessary, like you are about to die or something). I hope you all are doing well out there. Have a great day!

*The real names that I list are also fake names. You might be asking yourself "COULD Hulabuns be anymore confusing?" I assure you, the answer is "yes". As a side note I should also mention that the fake names thing kind of originated from me calling one of Binderclips' friends by the wrong name when we first met. After that, his friends decided to come up with alternate/fake names for everyone as to confuse me even more.

**He didn't actually say "Mr. Binderclips" he actually used his real name, just FYI.


  1. That IS confusing! My head is (figuratively) spinning.

    Did you ever figure out why they thought it was your anniversary? I hope there wasn't some other poor couple there celebrating their anniversary, wondering where the heck their cake was!

  2. haha! I was confused. I scroll up and down to remember the names. Now if I will be given the chance to go on a cruise, I will plan everything before hand so there will be no confusion. Thanks for sharing this, I have an insight. LOL!

  3. See? That's why you go on cruises: the great stories.

    I hope you feel better, Binderclips. YOU'RE Binderclips, right?

  4. The mystery of who told the cruise line it was your anniversary continues. I keep asking Kurt to email the travel agent and ask her about it. Too Flippin' Funny! I laughed and squirmed at the memory of it!


  5. Have a Happy St Patrick's Day.

  6. What's in a name? What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

    In other words, it's totally okay to lie about
    your name.