Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lettuce Help You: Why Vegetable Names Can Be Confusing

I painted this last year right before Baby G arrived...I hope you like it!

Hi Everyone! How ARE you!? I'm still busy as ever, but am doing well. Binderclips and I had some things happen to us lately that I feel like you all would appreciate, so I'm going to share...

I know this might come as a shock to you guys, but our real names are not actually Binderclips and Hulabuns (I know, crazy, right!?)....don't worry I won't tell you what they really are. All I will say is our last name (when pronounced correctly) sounds exactly like a vegetable. Twice within the last week (one time to Binderclips and another time to me) someone has said this vegetable name to us and confused us. This is how it went down:

Binderclips' Situation:

He's out and decides to pick us something up to eat, as he waits for them to make the sandwich wraps the person says "Lettuce*?" to him. Thinking they just said his last name to him (to get his attention perhaps), he says "yes" in response. They proceed to put lettuce on the wrap. It is at this point he realizes they were asking him if he wanted lettuce on the wraps.

Hulabuns' Situation:

We're out grocery shopping and have lettuce in our cart. We go to check out and the person checking us out says "Mrs. Lettuce" to me. I look at the guy and say "Yes" to acknowledge him talking to me, then realize that he's holding up the lettuce from our items that he's scanning to confirm that's what it is.  I stand there looking at him very confused...It's at that point that I feel the need to explain why I look so confused and say "I thought you said Mrs. Lettuce, since that's exactly how you pronounce my last name" to the guy. He just looks at me all confused-like. As I walk away I'm sure he's making the "that lady is crazy" hand gesture (you know, the one where you point your index finger and the side of our head and move it in a circular motion? You're doing it now aren't you? I am).

Any who, I hope you all had a great St. Patrick's Day (especially you Vince, since you are actually Irish and in Ireland)! Later Gators!

*Lettuce is not our last name, nor does our name sound like it. However, for the purposes of this post you can refer to us as Mr. and Mrs. Lettuce.


  1. Mrs Rocket. Mrs Bean or maybe Mrs Arugula. Of course there's Hamm. It's hardly Chicken.
    I'll go with Bean.

    Oh, I went on a security blitz from hell on this interwebs thing. I had a feeling something was wrong but I couldn't put a finger on it. I think my mail system was cut into, and then onwards for the google family are all together. Seems better now since I've run four different security programs. But for a while I'd been so tight I couldn't comment on some of bloggers pages.

  2. Ok, I had no idea that your last name was pronounced in that way. Thank you for sharing your silly situations--I've learned something! :)

  3. That's how my last name is pronounced as well. Terrible to grow up with. Lol.

    1. I bet! I married into it, but my maiden name made conversations confusing in another way. LOL