Friday, July 30, 2010

I Need Constant Supervision - Any Volunteers?

This is a picture of one of our greens drinks. It has lots of green leafy veggies in it and is really good for you!

These past couple of days have been very interesting. I've embarrassed myself, nearly broke our iMac keyboard and mouse (and my work laptop, yes all at the same time) and have began experiencing "unusual sweating".

So, where do I start? Hmmmm....How about I start with how I embarrassed myself? Although, I will say that I've embarrassed myself so much in my life that I rarely get embarrassed anymore. Now-a-days I think it's funny more so than embarrassing.

Anyways, since I've been feeling better I have been taking the dogs for more walks. Usually I'll take them for a walk in the morning (a long one), then take them on a couple more short ones throughout the day. On this particular day I decided to take them on a walk around 2:00PM.

Just as we got outside of our apartment door a large bee started buzzing around me. Since I am very allergic to bees, this stressed me out immediately, however I tried to remain calm - at first, at least. This is how it went down (let me add that the bee was not actually talking to me and neither were the dogs, but this is my interpretation of events):

Bee: bzzzzzzz, ooooo look shorts that look like flowers, I should try to "get my pollen on" with them. bzzzzzzz

Me: Great. Bees are my favorite. Sigh...thinking 'stay calm, remember what happened to the My Girl kid'

Bee: "bzzzzzzz, doesn't smell of pollen, bzzzzzzzz, but sure looks like it" it says as it tries to fly up my shorts

Me: "AHHHHHH! GEEEEZE! NO, NO, NO THANK YOU!!" (remember I am still right outside of my apartment, in the breezeway, I start to run away at this point - jumping around like I'm stepping on hot coals at the same time) I also start talking to the dogs because I realize I've freaked them out..."You're ok, it's me it wants not you! Let's go!"

Turner: Don't step on my paws! They are very sensitive! Last time you acted like this you stepped on one of my paws!!

Callie: "Oh man, I hate running and crazy running is the worst" she says (in the saddest puppy voice you can imagine)

Bee: "bzzzzzzzzz, trying to make a fast get a way, huh? bzzzzzzzzzz, not on my watch" (it continues to chase me as I run away)

Me: "Ok, that's enough I don't have any pollen! Get it! NO POLLEN!" I say talking to the bee and just as I turn around I nearly run into my upstairs neighbor.

Upstairs neighbor: Oh, hi!

Me: "Errrr, ummm, there was a bee..." I say as I'm looking around frantically for it, however it is nowhere to be found at this point.

Turner: Grrrrrrrrrrr, I don't think I've met this human before. Seems suspicious....grrrrrrrrr

Callie: "bark bark bark bark bark....why don't you bark want to bark pet me bark bark bark bark" as she lunges towards the neighbor

Upstairs neighbor: Ignoring the bee comment and the crazy dogs she says "I wanted to ask you something...." but she is kind of looking at me like she's thinking 'what a wacko'

So, that's how I embarrassed myself. It wasn't too bad, but I actually felt slightly embarrassed this time (for a change).

Next thing I did was almost ruin our iMac keyboard and mouse (both wireless) and my work laptop. This morning Binderclips brought me in 2 different cups; one with greens drink in it and the other with protein shake in it. I already had a glass of water and apple cider vinegar that I was drinking, so I had waaaaay too many spillable items on the desk at once. Anyways, I managed to spill the water/apple cider vinegar mixture - EVERYWHERE. Thankfully, I was able to clean it up quickly with no harm done. However, cleaning the wireless keyboard and mouse were fun because they actually still worked even though I was cleaning them off like 3 feet away with a towel. In the process, I accidentally dimmed the desktop cleaning the keyboard, but was able to fix it....thank goodness.

Also, I've been taking something for endometriosis and the side effects say "unusual sweating may occur". Last night I sneezed a couple of times and started sweating profusely.

Needless to say, I think I need constant supervision. Any volunteers? :)


  1. Why the heck are you drinking so much weird stuff? I doubt I could get down the vinegar, much less the greens drink. Blech!

    Are these drinks the secret to your awesomeness? If so, I think I'll stick with being average.

  2. I shall be over and you will be restricted to eating cookies and watching deliciously bad daytime television. You should not be able to get into trouble that way. (Warning: I will take away the phone lest you be tempted to buy things you see on the infomercials.)

  3. Sigh...I'll provide virtual supervision, though I anticipate it will be as interesting from a distance.

  4. TB -Drinking weird stuff is what I do (apparently, I wasn't really aware of it until you pointed it out - so thanks for that). Now I'm thinking the drinks must be the secret to my awesomeness, or lack thereof? ;)

    BB - NO! Anything but that! Did someone say "shake weight"? LOL

    MS - This must be done. Will next week work for you? I promise I'll try not to carry an extra pair of undies in my pant leg...

  5. YOU HAVE A GRANDMA'S GLASS?? Oh, you lucky ducky. I love Grandma's restaurants. Water and apple cider vinegar? What for?
    Did the neighbor decide not to ask you something as you were swatting and dancing around? *lol* Great post.

  6. We got that while in Minneapolis actually, we've only been there once, but really liked it a lot! Water & apple cider vinegar I drink in the morning to give me a boost of energy and to make sure my blood sugar doesn't get all outta wack. I've found that if I have it in the morning I don't crave sweets too much throughout the day.

    I'm pretty sure the neighbor just thought I was crazy. lol