Thursday, February 3, 2011

We're Not in Kansas Anymore!

On Wednesday morning I got up to take the dogs outside, Binderclips (who's work was closed due to the Blizzard) stayed in bed. I usually go out the front door with the dogs, however when I opened the door - this is what I was confronted with:

This is the view from out our front door, the snow came up past the door knob.
Since I knew there was no way I would be able to get out the front door I decided to try the garage. Which, wasn't as bad as the front door, but it still wasn't good. (As a side note I should mention that Turner and Callie aren't even 2 ft tall, I think their bodies measure 17 inches from the ground or so. Therefore, they would've sunk down in the snow to their necks in this area if I had let them try to walk on it.) Anyways, did I mention we don't own a shovel? Oh yeah, I probably should mention that. We have always lived in apartments, so there really has been no need for one, that is, until now.

This is the left side....
So, what did I do? I stomped a path out, so that the dogs could do their business in the street since the snow wasn't too deep there (thanks to the plow trucks).
... and this is the right side of the garage. Oh, and that's our car under the snow. The area I stomped down is kind of visible. When I was done I was covered in snow past my waist.
When I got out into the street I saw my neighbor standing where the open garage is, he asked me "Do you have a shovel? How did you get out of there?" "Ummm, no - no shovel, but I would love to borrow yours!" I said.
Looks like no one was going anywhere...
...especially this guy, This is our neighbor across the way, he's just slightly snowed in. 
This was another picture of out our front door. The blizzard included very high winds (they ranged from 25-60mph), which resulted in some really beautiful (and tall) snow drifts.
More pictures of the snow drifts from inside our (warm) apartment.
This was the road out of our apartment. At least they had plowed some of it at this point!
Vince from Reeds (who lives in Ireland) asked me where they put all the snow that was plowed. Well, here's your answer:
They put it where ever they can and this spot is where most of the plowed snow in our area of the complex went (I assure you there is flat ground under that pile).

The snow pile was ridiculously fun to play on, just so you know. Binderclips refused to play with me though, it's ok he'll get out there sooner or later.

Any who, I hope you all like the pictures. The governor of Wisconsin declared a state of emergency on Wednesday - so, everything was closed. Since I work from home I still had to work though, but I can't complain too much!

Even though we aren't in Kansas anymore, Kansas also got hit pretty hard by the blizzard. TB from Year31 shared her Kansas blizzard experience with everyone with some posts on her blog, so be sure to check those out as well.

Ok, I'm off to warm up. Have a great day everyone. Later gators!


  1. Great pictures! When it all was said and done, I was sorely disappointed in our 12 inches of snow. Yours looks way more exciting!

  2. Wow!!! I've seen my share of snow, but never like that. So, so much of it all in one place! Thanks for the pictures, but now I need a blanket and hot cup of cocoa. Keep warm, and definitely get a good shovel.

  3. I'm glad you shared the pictures. I was wondering at first where did they put the snow they shoved. Glad you shared the pictures. I would love to see a real snow.

  4. Wow! The pics are beautiful. Even Houston is supposed to get snow. Still waiting...

  5. Wow. Its one thing to hear about the snow and another to see it. Thank you for sharing. Quick thinking on how to get the fur kids to go potty.

    Did the neighbor loan you a shovel? Are you new found friends?

    I'm sure Binderclips will see what fun you are having in the snow and join in soon.

  6. Were ya really in Kansas Dorothy.

  7. Well, yikes, baby! I am impressed!

  8. Those pics were crazy...I'm in Ct and I'm getting hit pretty bad.

  9. I know that it's got to be an inconvenience, but it's so beautiful.

  10. Holy crap!! Now that's some snow! Guess I should be thankful...

  11. Holy snow, batman! And I thought we had a lot in Boston. "Only" 70-plus inches so far this winter ...

  12. Awesome snow pics!! Wow! Hope you got yourself a strong shovel after that one! And maybe a snowblower and a plow!

  13. I feel your pain with not having a shovel. My car is still buried because ours broke mid-dig. :( And of course, due to the snowpacalypse, NO ONE has a friggen shovel. Not a one!